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How to Create a Membership Site that Generates Passive Income Part I

People ask me all the time how I got started with Internet Marketing and  I tell them that there were two things. One, I wanted a way to take my knowledge and expand it using the web and second, it fulfilled a way for me to create passive income.

Simple Membership SystemThe response that I usually get from people after  I tell them this, is that they want to start a membership site and want to know how to get started. So, I decided t write a short series of posts describing to you how to get your own membership site up and running.

So you want to start a membership site.

The first thing you need to think about is your niche and your topic.

Now think about this for a moment…

Your goal is to get members to happily pay you month after month for content. Obviously, that means you need to:

  • Over-deliver with quality content. You want your members to feel like they’re getting a steal for the price.
  • Give your members what they want. If you’re just starting your site, then look to the top-selling products in your niche to see what your target market is already paying for.

But here’s something else…

In order to get your members paying month after month, you need to be able to make them look forward to each upcoming lesson. And the best way to do that is by creating a membership site around a step-by-step process. That is, your lessons teach your members how to achieve a specific result.

You see, if you just provide tips and tricks for your members, there’s no sense of continuity. Your members don’t develop as strong of a psychological commitment to staying a member, because they won’t have a need to see the course through until the end.

Now imagine having numbered steps and lessons instead. When someone is receiving lesson 10 of a step-by-step process, they’ve made an investment of time and money into learning the process – so they are less likely to “bail” before they’ve received all the steps.

Let me give you a few examples of sites that teach a specific achievement or result using a step-by-step process:

  • How to start an online business.
  • How to write a sales letter.
  • How to choose, train and raise a puppy.
  • How to adopt a child.
  • How to homeschool your child.

Now let me give you an example of what a 12-week online marketing course might look like:

Step 1: Choose a niche.

Step 2: Market research.

Step 3: Plan your sales funnel.

Step 4: Get a domain and hosting.

Step 5: Get an autoresponder.

Step 6: Write your autoresponder messages.

Step 7: Create a squeeze page.

Step 8: DIY product creation – research and outline.

Step 9: DIY product creation – creating and polishing the product.

Step 10: Create a sales letter.

Step 11: Drive traffic – free methods

Step 12: Drive traffic – paid methods.

Notice how each step builds on the previous step.

It starts with a member not even having an idea for a niche… and ends with the member driving traffic to a sales letter and making money.

In other words, if the member completes the steps as the course progresses, he or she should be able to enjoy a specific achievement or result by the end of the course.

 Note: The above example is a 12-week course. Naturally, you could easily stretch this out to a year or more by creating more steps and more in-depth steps. You could go on indefinitely as long as you kept providing more advanced info as the course progressed.

One final tip…

To keep your customers happy, make sure that they are progressing and enjoying results right from the beginning.

Example: If you create a yearlong course, don’t stretch out the process for a year. Instead, give the step-by-step instructions your customers need to experience some type of results immediately (within a few weeks or month after joining) and then provide more in-depth instructions as the course progresses.

In short: Satisfy your customers’ needs for instant gratification while still providing the continuity that will keep them as a member. You’ll learn more about that in Part 2 of this series.


Dave McGarry’s Goals for 2011 Part II

Okay, the other day I talked about the process I use for setting my goals, so today to wrap things up I am going to be revealing my 2011 goals to you.

Here are my top ten goals for 2011 (in no particular order)

1.) Help 500 working and busy moms lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle through my Working Mom Workouts training program.

2.) Help 100 personal trainers get 100 clients into their business through my coaching program.

3.) Read 2 books a month (24 total) for the year.

4.) Train, fundraise, and complete the Dallas MS 150.

5.) Take several trips with my family.

6.) Create a Master Mind group of 10 like minded people that focuses on building passive income streams.

7.)  Strengthen and create 4 relationships with previous friends and new ones.

8.) Spend 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening preparing and reflecting on what I need to accomplish.

9.) Create a new service that is geared around creating and building blogs for Fitness Professionals

10.) Continue to grow in my spirituality and become more involved in my church.

These are my top ten goals for the year. As you might notice if I was to label each one  with the symbols that I described in the first part of the series, you will see I am pretty heavily skewed towards business goals.  I recognize that and if I was to included all 32 goals I set for myself you will see I have a better overall balance. Balance is what you should strive for but in some cases, depending on where you are in life, your goals might be dominate in one or two areas. That is okay, but make sure you realize the imbalance and strive to focus on all 8 areas that I initially described.

To your success,

Coach Dave

Part II of 7 tips to getting more personal training clients

Yesterday, I presented to you the first three of the seven tips to getting more personal training clients. So, today I am going to give you two tips that could be the most important money making tips for your personal training business. Yes, I believe these next two tips will separate you from everyone else. Okay here is tip number 4 and 5.

4.) Create a blog- by now everyone has heard of blogs but not everyone has one and contributes regularly to it. The reason having a blog is so important is that you create a platform to share information, articles, and ideas about who you are and what you believe in. Now this is not a “how to start a blog post” but if you want some great info or program to create your blog then you need to check out Darrren Rowse’s 31 days to Build a Better Blog Click here to view more details. Once you have your blog set up make sure all your clients subscribe to it and tell them that you will post regularly to it. The number one goal is to provide valuable content that adds value to the relationship you have with your clients. 

5.) Write an ebook – It has never been easier to write a book. The technology we have today allows you to write your own book and self publish it. You can make it an e-book or a traditional hardback and market and distribute it online. Writing an e-book will do two things for you. One, you will be recognized as an expert and gain tremendous credibility. The second benefit will be that you now can gain new clients with out even training. You essentially will have created another passive income stream while not having to wake up at 6 am to train. Once again this is not a “how to” article on writing an ebook but if you want more info on that email me at Dave@DaveMcGarry.com and I will consult with you on how to get started. Now, since I believe in leading by example you can check out my ebook at www.anatomyofsales.com . Good luck and start writing.