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Online Trainer Academy Review – How to Get Certified to Train Clients Online

Online Trainer Academy Review; How to Get Certified to Train Clients Online?

Let’s face it, I know you are tired of waking up every morning at 4 am to get to the gym to train your first client. I mean you just left the gym the night before at 8 pm and it feels like you were just there. Listen, I know you didn’t get into personal training for the money and you are passionate about helping transform peoples’s lives! But seriously, the long hours and early morning alarm wake ups are killing you! I have been there and I don’t care what anyone says it never gets easier! Don’t worry though I have a solution for you and it comes in the form of the Online Trainer Academy. The very first online personal trainer certification! Let me tell you a little bit about it and how it is going to help you ditch that 4 am alarm for good!

Online personal training I have been in the fitness industry a long time and believe it or not my first online client came back when the only thing available to me was AOL dial up. Yes, you remember the saying, “You’ve Got Mail!” My first online client was a client who lived in Florida. You see when I first graduated from college I worked in my home state of Florida but eventually moved out to Texas to be with my girlfriend, and now wife. I had worked with this client one on one for a few months before I moved and the client didn’t want to lose me so I would email her a program every so many weeks and she would mail me a check. Yes, it was pre Pay-Pal and pre online pretty much anything. It worked for awhile and then she found another trainer locally and that was it. However, it always had me thinking about how could I continue to reach out and use the Internet to become an online personal trainer. As the years progressed and technology advanced so did online training. However, it hasn’t been until just recently that online training has become really popular and suitable for personal trainers to really build an online training business.

For me, I learned the hard way and went through trail and error to get to the point where I finally feel like I am able to build an scale an online personal training business. However, for you it doesn’t have to be that way. Why, well Jon Goodman has done an excellent job of putting together not just a course but an “academy” to help you become not only one of the very first certified online personal trainers but also help you build a lifestyle and online personal training business that allows you to continue to do what you love without trading hours for dollars. The rest of this post is going to be a review of the “Online Trainer Academy!”

So I am not sure how I ran across Jon Goodman. He may have Geo targeted me with a Facebook Ad but I ran across is book “Viralnomics” and I really bought into what he was talking about. From there I looked him up and started to read more of what he was dishing out and began to really like and trust him. I mean let’s face it there is so much hype and BS that people spew out these days sometimes it is hard to believe what they are saying is true or not. So, when I received one of Jon’s email one day talking about his upcoming “Online Personal Trainer Academy” I was intrigued. You see at this point I had had some success training clients online but I really didn’t have a system or plan to really scale my online training business. And even though I have an MBA I still didn’t really have the model down. That is until I became one of the first group of certified online personal trainers!

You see it wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do in terms of how to create programs or how to use the technology but more of how to get a system I could create that matched my target demo and how to scale it. Jon does an excellent job of laying it all out there in the text and online videos so you have clarity on the steps to take and action plans to implement to get you to reaching what he calls your “freedom number!” So without further ado here is my honest review!

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Online Trainer Academy ReviewWhat is the Online Trainer Academy?

Well according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, one definition of “academy” is, a society of learned persons organized to advance art, science, or literature. Well, like I said after I started to follow Jon Goodman and learn more about him I found out that the “Online Trainer Academy” derived and comprised of hundreds of personal trainers that Jon either coached or went through his first coaching program, which was the “1k a month program.” The course was constructed and designed to help personal trainers make an extra 1k a month in passive income to help them increase their income potential without having to trade more dollars for hours. Now, I did not go through that course so I can’t tell you exactly what it entailed but when you go through the academy Jon tells you about how he took what he learned form that and from hundreds of other trainers who went through the course to build upon and finally create the academy.

So, just like the definition states, the academy is really a group of personal trainers that got organized (PTDC) and then what was learned from that group became the first online personal training certification. Now, this certification isn’t your typical personal training certification. It  is a mixture of business and fitness that helps solidify you as a qualified trainer who knows how to take your knowledge and scale it by using technology to reach out and transform lives regardless of location. But, before you decide if the academy is right for you let’s explore if online training is even right for you.

Is the Online Training and the Academy for Me?

 I think it’s potentially for you if…

You’ve coached people successfully offline for at least a few years. I’m not trying to be some old curmudgeon or something and telling you that you can’t do something if you’re young…heck, I started coaching and training when I was only 21 and in college.

But for you to stand out in the market, experience matters. For you to know how to solve certain problems that are more challenging from a far, experience matters. I strongly believe that it’s much easier to set the foundation for being great at online coaching if you’ve done it in person for a while…and if that is your goal the academy will help you lay the groundwork and when you are ready it will be there for you.

You want to expand or evolve. I often talk about adding a second stream of income. I also am a big fan of taking risk that is high yield and low cost. As Jon mentions what would your life be like if you could add another 1k to 2k a month in income a month without having to add more time in the gym be to your lifestyle. Plus, to be honest become an online trainer is going to do so much more than just bring you income. By becoming an online trainer you are going to become that much better at being a transformation coach. Trust me you learn what I am talking about once you take the plunge!

You’re not tech / online averse. I’m not exactly a tech whiz, but I’m very comfortable connecting with people via email, social media, etc. And I’m also ok to use some simple technology tools to facilitate my clients’ progress. If you’re going to go online – you’ll have to do the same. Don’t worry the academy certification will help you with this. And, the simple “5 a day” on Facebook is a game changer. You learn that in the course!

You’re willing to treat this at least like it is an extension of your personal training business. Sure, you can get the certification and it will help you coach clients who’ve moved out of your area and stuff like that, which will more than make your investment in the academy back…but really, this was designed for coaches who want to have a greater impact on transforming lives and help you grow your fitness business. Whether you want it to be 10% or 100% – you’ll have to treat it like a business for the time you spend on it in order for it to work. Don’t worry the model on setting up your business will walk you through this!

Online trainer academy look inside How is the Online Trainer Academy Structured?

The academy essentially is broken into what I would say is three parts. First, the textbook, which is very in-depth with the critical information that you need to know to help build and become a successful online trainer. Second, is the online portal. Each module in the book has a corresponding module online that Jon presents information that is relevant to the specific module. Finally, the third component is the workbook. As you work through the text and the online videos you will also be asked to do an assignment. These assignments are geared to helped you build out your business model and other relevant aspects to a successful online trading business. You will also be required to enter the info into the online portal, which not only forces you to do it because until you enter the info you are unable to move to the next module. Plus, it is saved online in case you lose your hard copy.
Now, at the end of the course they unlock the certification test: a 75-question multiple choice test taken online. Once you pass with a score of 75% or higher you become certified. At this point you can promote yourself an OTC (certified online trainer).

How Much Does it Cost? 

The following is the pricing structure for customers of the Academy.

Total investment is $1,500 but users save $200 if they are on the early bird list and $200 if they pay in full.

$1,100 – Paid in full and on early bird list (if purchased from Feb 21 – Feb 23)
$1,300 – Payment plan and on early bird list (if purchased from Feb 21 – Feb 23) (5 monthly payments of $260) $1,300 – Paid in full after early bird deadline
$1,500 – Payment plan after early bird deadline (6 monthly payments of $250)

OTA-FBShould I Enroll? 

I know as a personal trainer and fitness instructor money can be tight. And there are so many other certifications that will enhance your skill set as a trainer so you may be wondering if it is worth it. Again as I said before online training is not for everyone. If you are just staring out I would learn to become and master offline training before you dive into online training. However, if you have been at it for awhile and wanting to gain some freedom and flexibility while at the same time still doing your passion, which is transforming lives then go for getting to certified to train online. Trust me there are other coaches and courses out there charging way more than the investment in the academy and you will not get even half the value. trust me I have worked with some coaches and gone through some courses that make claims to be the best for trainers looking to create an online income. Nothing at this point compares to the “Online Trainer Academy!”

>>Click Here to Enroll in The Online Trainer Academy<<

If you have questions and what to speak directly with me about the certification you can call me or email me at and I am happy to answer any questions.

In health and wealth,

Coach Dave

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