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Internet Marketing as an Investment

nternet Marketing as an Investment





Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to talk to you today about something I find to be a “new” approach to investing and in my opinion is better than the traditional avenues to invest in.

When a certain “social network” went public with its stock, there was a lot of unrest among investors. What was by many people’s estimations, a “sure shot”, quickly got people scrambling in worry that maybe it was anything but.

The company’s stock dropped very noticeably during the first weeks after its IPO.

Most investors don’t like it when that happens. :)

What investors like is to make money from their investments. Pure and simple. Most are pleased if they get a 10% return on their money over time.

But, I now some people who would be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with that kind of return.

That’s because they’ve discovered a different way to invest. And:

• It has nothing to do with stocks.

• It has nothing to do with bonds.

• It has nothing to do with mutual funds.

• It has nothing to do with real estate.

• It has nothing to do with CDs or money market accounts.

Instead, it’s all about investing in internet marketing (IM), or what some call IMvesting.

The idea is simple: spend money on internet marketing related assets that give much better returns (100%, 200% or even more).

This has been my approach for the last several years and instead of losing big during the “Great Recession” my returns have been in the green!

Get all the details at:

Best regards,
Dave McGarry

The old rules of selling are dead

The old rules of selling are dead

What does Elvis, vinyl records, and traditional selling techniques have in common? In case you are stumped, you would be correct if you said they are all dead! Okay, I know that there is a small percentage of you who still believe Elvis is alive, use vinyl records, and are still trying the same old techniques when trying to sell your services or products to consumers. However, it is time to put them to rest and move on if you want to succeed in today’s economy. That being said, you must learn a new approach to selling. Let’s explore those new ways by showing you the old methods and then the new methods you need to adopt in your sales approach.

Prospecting – > Positioning

“It is a numbers game!” I know you probably have heard that statement before and to some extent the statement is correct. However, approaching sales through cold calling takes time and energy, which could be better spent on other revenue producing activities like training or ancillary services that you offer.  So, a better approach to increasing sales is to work on positioning yourself in the market.  Simply put, positioning is how your market defines you in relation to your competitors. A good position is established by answering the following questions:

  1. What makes you unique?
  2. What benefit does your customers consider you to provide?
  3. What is your competitive advantage?

It is critical that you answer these questions in order for positioning to work for you. Once you have established yourself in the marketplace as the expert then people will seek you out instead of you cold calling them.

Control -> Trust

More often than not a typical sales situation puts the control in the salesperson’s hands. This puts the client into an apprehensive state of mind and makes the sale more difficult. The reason for the client’s apprehension is because he or she has been burned before, so the lack of trust exists already even before a pitch is made. Now, instead of trying to control the situation begin by building trust with your customer. Listen to their needs and show them that you are here for their benefit, not yours. By building trust you will create a client who will buy over and over and eventually become one of your biggest fans. Remember, the client must trust you before they will buy from you!

Close -> Value

“The Sale is in the Close!” There are tons of books written on sales closing techniques and some of the techniques they write about are effective. However, people will buy because they believe the price you are charging is equal to the value they perceive to get from it. Being short sighted on just the close of the sale will risk the lifetime value of the customer. Create value in your customer’s mind and you will create a life long customer.

Anatomy of Sales

Do you believe you are selling yourself everyday regardless of your profession? I do, and I have written the book “Anatomy of Sales” to help fitness professionals and personal trainers realize that everyday a sale takes place within your organization or with prospects, and if you want to be successful in your career then you need to master the art of sales. 

So, what will you learn by reading this book?

  • How to close your prospect?
  • How to make people realize they need you?
  • Why they don’t sign up after you explained the benefits?
  • How to change ‘maybe’ to “YES – I’LL START TOMORROW!”
Also within its contents, you’ll learn:
  • How to trigger your prospects to make on-the-spot decisions to hire you.
  • Overcome fear of price rejection.
  • The 5 major reasons people will buy training sessions from you.
  • Setting SMART goals to create a realistic six-figure income.
  • How to build a ‘buzz’ about your fitness training services.
  • How to cherry-pick the right clients who WANT and NEED personal training.
  • Undiscovered new technologies that will help grow your business.
I can promise you that I wrote this book with the fitness professional in mind and I know that the last thing you want to be referred to as is a “Sales” person. So, if you want to learn how to master the art of sales through a new approach then check out my book.
Please let me know if you have any questions or want some more info about the book.
Coach Dave