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Internet Marketing as an Investment

nternet Marketing as an Investment





Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to talk to you today about something I find to be a “new” approach to investing and in my opinion is better than the traditional avenues to invest in.

When a certain “social network” went public with its stock, there was a lot of unrest among investors. What was by many people’s estimations, a “sure shot”, quickly got people scrambling in worry that maybe it was anything but.

The company’s stock dropped very noticeably during the first weeks after its IPO.

Most investors don’t like it when that happens. :)

What investors like is to make money from their investments. Pure and simple. Most are pleased if they get a 10% return on their money over time.

But, I now some people who would be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with that kind of return.

That’s because they’ve discovered a different way to invest. And:

• It has nothing to do with stocks.

• It has nothing to do with bonds.

• It has nothing to do with mutual funds.

• It has nothing to do with real estate.

• It has nothing to do with CDs or money market accounts.

Instead, it’s all about investing in internet marketing (IM), or what some call IMvesting.

The idea is simple: spend money on internet marketing related assets that give much better returns (100%, 200% or even more).

This has been my approach for the last several years and instead of losing big during the “Great Recession” my returns have been in the green!

Get all the details at:

Best regards,
Dave McGarry

It is Time for Financial Education

Happy Friday everyone! It is just awesome here today in Dallas. We have had highs in 70’s all week. Who would have thought that, considering some 18 days ago we encountered the worst ice storm in 75 years and temps did not make it above 20 degrees. I guess they are right when they say, ‘If you live in Dallas, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a little bit because it will change.” Well, I am not here talk about the groundhog’s predication of an earlier Spring being correct, but what I am here to talk to you today is something that I am very passionate about, which is financial education.

For years, I have been studying and learning about money. I am not sure why that is the case, but I have always had a passion for business and money. So, as I read in one of Ken Blanchard’s books, “If you want to truly understand what you have read and learned you must go teach it to someone”, and that is what I intend on doing going forward. I know this is not for everyone or at least some people will think that, but you see, it does not mater what profession you are in or your financial status in life, if you do not have a strong financial education, you are going to be in trouble moving ahead in today’s economy. Shoot, I know some highly paid professionals, who yes, make a lot of money, but are uneducated when it comes to financial education. When the recession hit, they took a big hit in their savings. With just a little financial education that could have been prevented. So, the time is now to learn financial education if you want to succeed. Don’t let lack of knowledge keep you from being successful.

So, what am I referring to when I talk about financial education? It is the knowledge about how money works and how to leverage it to work for you. Some people have told me that they took economics and accounting in school, which is great but that is not going to help you be financially secure in this new economy. You need to understand how money works and how to make your money work for you. I hear all the time that the rich are getting richer and the middle class is getting squeezed out. You know what, they are right, the middle class is getting squeezed out and the rich are getting richer. Why? Well, they know how the rules of the game are played and they know how to use it in their favor.

Well, why should you care? Because I want to see you live the dream. I want to see you have everything that you want out of life. Money can’t buy happiness but it can help give you opportunities and freedom to do the things you want to do in life. I know there will be some people who will disagree with what I am going to be saying in these posts and that is fine but what I hope to do is give you just enough knowledge and education to stay competitive in this new world.

Here is what you can expect in some future posts:
What is your financial IQ?
History of money and how the decisions your leaders make affect your financial success.
Assets vs. Liabilities – why most people are wrong to think their house is an assesst
Should you stop contributing to your 401K?
Should you live below your means?

These are just some of the ideas I plan on sharing with you. If you have anything that you would like to talk about in regards to financial eduction please feel free to leave a comment. Also, I would love to hear your feedback good or bad on anything we talk about here.

Well, I have my daughter’s first soccer game this weekend. I don’t know who is more excited her or me :)!!

Make it a great weekend!
In health,
Coach Dave


Top Ten Fitness Trends for 2011

There might be more than 45 days left till the New Year but the American College of Sports Medicine has released its yearly “Top Ten Fitness Trends for 2011”. I found the article to be quite interesting and you can read about the top ten trends here.

Although I find this interesting it is not shocking. The number one trend for next year is the demand for experienced and educated trainers. Even though we might be in a recession and people are tightening their spending, people realize the value of an experienced and educated personal trainer. Also, a fundamental shift in thinking has occurred as more and more people are realizing that healthcare costs are going to continue to rise, and one way for them to help reduce their costs, is to get healthy. To do this, they need an experienced expert, like you, to help them. So, this is great news for personal trainers and fitness professionals. I believe you are going to see this trend to continue and only grow.

The other area that I find interesting is, the number of physician referrals continues to grow. Doctors are prescribing exercise to their clients as means to getting them well. This is another huge shift for our industry and if you do not have a percentage of your business coming from doctor referrals then you are missing out. Find several doctors in your area and start building a relationship with them. Get them to have trust in your abilities and they will start sending business to you.

Well, that is it for now but I want to leave you with this. The health and wellness industry is only going to keep expanding. Find your niche within the industry and become the expert. If you are unsure of what areas are growing go read the list of the top ten trends and find one that interests you. Make 2011 your best year ever!

Coach Dave

Your guide on how to be a successful personal trainer

How Do I Become a Successful Personal Trainer?

If there’s one question that is the foundation for this blog it’s this one and since 2008 I’ve been writing post after post on the topic – to the point where it’s difficult for a new reader to find a place to start.

The following list of links are my suggestions on key posts on the topic of becoming a successful personal trainer from my blog archives. I hope you find them to be useful.

A Personal Guide to Become a Successful Trainer

The Answer to the Million Dollar Question  

– I am always asked the question of “How do I get more personal training clients? In this post I answer that question for you in this post.

It’s Not the Recession It’s You

– From time to time I have a few rants and I thought I would share this one with you. Read it for yourself and let me know your thoughts. 

Do You Really Want To Be a Personal Trainer?

– In this post I pose a simple question but the answer isn’t all that easy. Sometimes people think they are cut out to be a personal trainer and the truth be told they are not. I lay out the questions you need to answer to really know if personal training is right for you. 

Create Your Own Luck

– I have never believed in luck and I talk about what you need to do to be successful in personal training and life. 

The Fastest Way To a Six Figure Income

If it is your goal to make a six figure income through personal training then this post is a must read.


These posts are intended to serve as a guide towards your success as a personal trainer. They are not going to answer all your questions but will help you on your quest.


Coach Dave

Times are a Changing


Have you noticed the changing of the sun in relationship to the sky? Every year there comes a day when I walk outside and say, “Oh, fall is coming, the shadows are different.” Okay, you are probably like my wife and say, “really?” Well, maybe she is right and it is not as obvious to everyone else but one thing I am certain of and that is times are a changing. Hurricane season, back to school, and football is here and that means you need to be done with the lazy days of summer and start planning for the rest of the year. Here is what you need to do to go along with these changing times.

1.) Revisit your goals that you set back for yourself in January and see which ones still seem relavant and important to accomplish this year.  

2.) Go back to your client list and start making calls to get more people back into your personal training schedule. (You do have a list, right?) 

3.) Decide whether or not you are going to raise your rates now or wait till January. Yes, even in a recession you can raise your rates.

4.) Get motivated again. Summer can be a really depressing time for personal trainers because clients are of town for a month and business is slow, so pick up a book that is motivational and start reading.

So the question now is will you go with these changing times or will you stand still and wait for things to happen. I hope you will go with the times and create the success you deserve. By the way I love the fall so you can expect more of these of the cuff posts. Until the next one, go get em!

Coach D