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Internet Marketing as an Investment

nternet Marketing as an Investment





Hello everyone!

Today, I wanted to talk to you today about something I find to be a “new” approach to investing and in my opinion is better than the traditional avenues to invest in.

When a certain “social network” went public with its stock, there was a lot of unrest among investors. What was by many people’s estimations, a “sure shot”, quickly got people scrambling in worry that maybe it was anything but.

The company’s stock dropped very noticeably during the first weeks after its IPO.

Most investors don’t like it when that happens. :)

What investors like is to make money from their investments. Pure and simple. Most are pleased if they get a 10% return on their money over time.

But, I now some people who would be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with that kind of return.

That’s because they’ve discovered a different way to invest. And:

• It has nothing to do with stocks.

• It has nothing to do with bonds.

• It has nothing to do with mutual funds.

• It has nothing to do with real estate.

• It has nothing to do with CDs or money market accounts.

Instead, it’s all about investing in internet marketing (IM), or what some call IMvesting.

The idea is simple: spend money on internet marketing related assets that give much better returns (100%, 200% or even more).

This has been my approach for the last several years and instead of losing big during the “Great Recession” my returns have been in the green!

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Best regards,
Dave McGarry

The one thing you need if you have a website

If I asked you today what is the ONE thing you’d like to have

more of that would help you build your business, chances are

the answer you’d give me is this:

*** Traffic ***

Ask around and the average internet marketer is after more

traffic to their sites.  In fact, unless you have a weenie

server hosting your site, there is no such thing as “too much”

quality traffic.

It’s what everyone wants.  Number one on the wish list!

In Jimmy D. Brown’s ground-breaking course, Sales Army Secrets,

he explains how to get traffic — and a lot of it — for FREE.

That is, how to get other people — a lot of them — sending it

to you at no cost to yourself.

Now, for the first and only time, he’s offering a limited number

of resale rights licenses to sell this course.

*** Now YOU can sell the course that

teaches what everyone wants!

You can sell the course for $97 per order and keep 100%!

(This is not another $20 ebook to sell … it’s a PREMIUM course

that sells for almost a hundred bucks a pop!)

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With your license, you receive …

1. A copy of the product to distribute. This includes both the

audio MP3 version (10 audio files … over 3 hours of meaty

audio!) and the text PDF version (105+ pages).

2. A copy of the bonuses to distribute. You will be able to

include the five bonuses ( SPECIAL REPORT: 8 Irresistible Ways

To Get ‘Super’ Affiliates To Enlist In Your Sales Army!,

AFFILIATE MAILINGS: 8 Autoresponder Mailings You Can Modify

And Send To Your Sales Army!, RECRUITING CHECKLIST: 20 Actions

You Can Take Today To Get New Affiliates For Your Program. ,

SPECIAL REPORT : Snail Mail Profits: How To Easily And

Affordably Use Snail Mail To Make Your Affiliates Love You!,

SPECIAL REPORT : How To Generate More Profit For Both You And

Your Affiliates In One Easy Step!) with every order.

3. A copy of the professional sales letter. Simply plug in your

own order link at the bottom of the page, upload it to your

site and you’re ready to take orders with this high-converting

sales letter.

The original course itself sells for $97 (or only $67 when it is

on sale).  You’d expect to pay at least $297 for a license to a

“premium” course like this, but Jimmy’s making them available to a

select few for the cost of the regular, personal use version!

That’s right, sell just ONE copy of the course and you’ve made

your entire resale rights investment back!

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Only a limited number of licenses are being sold on a “first

come, first served” basis.  This is going out to tens of thousands

of subscribers, affiliates and joint venture partners.

The point is this:  if you want a license to a product that

everyone wants which you can sell for $97 per order, you’d better

go grab this license now!  Once they are sold out, they are gone

for good.

If you’ve ever bought a resale rights license from Jimmy before,

then you know that his materials are FIRST RATE and you’ll almost

certainly recoup your investment with your very first promotion.

Get one while it lasts…


Best regards,

David McGarry

P.S. If you’ve been around internet marketing for any amount

of time at all, then you’ve heard the name “Allan Gardyne”.

Allan has been making a good living from affiliate programs

since 1998.  That’s well over a decade, folks.  His flagship

site, AssociatePrograms.com is widely recognized as the top

affiliate marketing sites period.  And he’s one of the most

influential marketers of the entire existence of marketing

on the Internet.

Here’s what Allan said about Sales Army Secrets in his

official review at his site…


“Just ONE tip from the book on how to recruit super affiliates

has had a dramatic impact on our affiliate program. Thanks,


“It zeroes in on the MOST IMPORTANT things you must know.

It’s an up-to-date manual on affiliate program management.

A superb book – fantastic value.”

“We’ll be reading and re-reading it. You should, too.”


Do you want to get paid for your expertise?

Hello fellow fitness professional,

If you are like me you know that people always want something for free. Listen, I am more than willing to help people out and I have written my fair share of articles for magazines. And yes, it has helped my business but why not get paid for writing small reports. You see, I believe that the book industry is dying and the new industry is going to be small articles and reports that experts sell online. I have recently purchased Jimmy D. Browns course on “Small Reports” and am launching mine within the next couple of weeks. Today, I have a better offer than I got when I purchased his course. See the email below:

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Hi David

This is going to expire in just a few days, so I wanted to let you know about it as quickly as possibly.

Jimmy D. Brown has prepared a free copy for you of one of his most influential reports.  It showcases how he turned tiny 7-15 page reports into a million dollar publishing business.

It's entitled...

     How To Turn 7-15 Page Small Reports Into A Six-Figure Information Empire

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While you're there, consider the special offer for his top-selling course of all-time.  It's called "Small Reports Fortune" and it's being retired in just a few days.

He's sold thousands of copies at $97 each, but as part of his "retirement" celebration, he's put together a special HALF OFF coupon for you.

There is a special offer link at the bottom of the page.  The cost for Small Reports Fortune is only $47 if you order from this pageÉ

Get all the details there.  Get your free report.  Get started building your business!

Coach Dave

Creating your own Fixed Term Membership Site

Video:  Get 1,000 customers (must watch within 72 hours - anytime)

What would it mean to your business if you had 1,000 customers sending you
MONTHLY payments for your own membership site?

When you hear those kinds of numbers being thrown around on salesletters,
you're probably skeptical.  Me too.  It just sounds "too good to be true".

Well, Jimmy D. Brown has made a believer out of me!  He's broken the 1,000  broken the 1,000 paying member barrier not once, not twice, but THREE times!
All three times it took him less than two weeks without any "product launch" or
"guru partners" lined up to pull it off.

He's prepared a special video for you to watch which shows you the exact steps
he used to make it all happen. It's a little over an hour in length.  You can
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No charge.  No list to join.  No hoops.

NOTE:  It will only be available for the next THREE days.  On Thursday morning
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   ** Don't have a membership site?  Don't worry!  He's also
      gonna show you how to have your own original membership
      site up and running within 48 hours!

It's completely free and you can view it all online with no telephone calls or
charges of any kind. 

During this videocast you'll discover...

-- How to get 1,000 cash-in-hand, paying subscribers for your
   membership site even if you don't have "guru" friends to
   help you with a "product launch".

-- How to setup your own membership site in just 2 days if
   you don't already have one of your own.  (His wife, who has
   absolutely ZERO experience setup one by following this
   simple plan ... he'll show you how.)

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**** ONE FINAL NOTE ****

Membernaire is being retired in a matter of days and will no longer be
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There is a special offer at the site for Membernaire ... instead of paying $27
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$324 over 52 weeks) you can...

Purchase the entire year's subscription for a one-time price of $247 and
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Details are at the bottom of the video page.

Best regards,
David McGarry

Crush Your Job

Happy Labor Day! I hope today you are enjoying some R&R and spending time with your family and friends. Tonight I have my Fantasy Football draft and I am hoping to come away with a winning team.

Listen, today I want to share with you a product I recently purchased that shows you how to make money on EBAY. I have always known that EBAY is a great market place but for some reason I never thought about the potential it has for fitness professionals.

If you are interested in creating another passive revenue stream for your business check out this product. It has a 60 day money back guarantee. Also, in full disclosure the link I am providing is my affiliate link for the product. I am extremely pleased with the product and am looking forward to launching several products in the near future. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Okay, I have to go do some research for the draft tonight.


Getting started selling High Profit Information Products on
eBay® is much easier than you think and I am going to prove
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recommended eBay® training courses for free.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Simply order the most comprehensive step-by-step training
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Take a full 2 months to learn and apply everything in the

If it isn’t everything I say it is, or if you don’t like
it for any reason or no reason at all, Jeff and Rob will
happily refund every single penny of your money. No
questions asked.

See for yourself:

Even if you ask for a refund, you can keep the entire
course for free.

So basically, you could rip them off if you wanted to.

I know it might seem crazy to offer a guarantee like this
and a lot of people told them they were nuts for doing it.

But not me; I think their 60 day “test drive guarantee” is
pure brilliance!

Check it out for yourself:

I know once you dive into the material and see the
enormous value you’re getting you’ll want to keep the
course forever and refer to it for many years to come.

It really is that good.

I’ve always said “Selling information products is truly
the ultimate lifestyle business” –

And selling information products on eBay® is one of the
lowest-risk, highest profit business I’ve ever seen!

You can have someone fill your orders instantly with no shipping
hassles. No more standing in line at the post office with
the other eBay® sellers. This will save you an enormous
amount of time.

Highly Recommended:

You will eliminate your competition. Your info-products
have your own unique story behind them. No two info-
products will ever be the same. And if people want your
information, they have only one source to get it from…
YOU. This will annihilate your competition and set you
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You won’t have to invest a lot of time in creating your
products. This is key. You’re going to learn about
instant product creation and you’ll also discover how to
create a huge library of products to sell without doing any
of the work.

You effortlessly create unlimited opportunities for
backend sales. These are sales after your initial sale.
Once someone buys from you and they like what you offer,
they become raving fans. Then they’ll want to buy
virtually everything else you create.

Here’s the whole story:

This is a huge opportunity. A single customer can be
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And that’s why Jeff and Rob are willing to put all of the
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Download “The Auction Profit Machine: The ‘No Risk’ System
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Even if you ask for a refund, you can keep the entire
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Like I said before, what do you have to lose?

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David McGarry

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