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3 Simple Ways to Leverage Your Expertise to Make Passive Income

Do you remember the song “Party Like it is 1999” by Prince? Man, I remember that song and the year like it was yesterday! As they say, “Those were the Good Old Days” and it was also the time period that I first started thinking about how to leverage my expertise as a personal trainer with the Internet. I mean if you had a dot com (name.com) you were bound to strike it rich and retire young back in those days. Shoot I remember all my friends telling me that they were going to cash in on their stock options and retire by the time they were 30. I was so jealous and wanted to come up with a way to leverage my knowledge and expertise and use the Internet but how was I going to do it. Well, unfortunately it was still a little to early to fully use the Internet to leverage your expertise but that is not the case today! It has never been easier and my dreams and goals of having a successful Internet business have finally come to fruition. Yours can too and if you follow these 3 steps you will be on your way to using your knowledge and expertise to make passive income online!

The Internet Copy System

Here are the 3 simple ways to leverage your expertise to make passive income:

#1: Create An Offer. It all begins with creating a new offer. This is almost exclusively an “information” based product or service and includes small reports, ebooks, membership sites, physical products, coaching programs and software applications. It all hinges upon writing tiny, 7-15 page special reports. That’s all! And, if you don’t feel comfortable writing even these bite-sized reports, you can hire a “ghostwriter” to do it for you!

#2: Build A List. With a new offer created, you then send out multiple mailings to all of your lists. This, as you can imagine, creates a flurry of orders instantly … literally within minutes of sending out the mailing orders begin to arrive. Some who use this system have tens of thousands of subscribers on their lists and more coming in every single day.

#3: Notify Partners. Want to know what to do to generate “traffic” to your site? It’s simple: I notify my affiliates and partners of my new offers … and THEY do all of the work for you! Whether it’s a full-time affiliate manager, a member of an affiliate program or limited joint venture partners, almost 100% of the traffic in this system is generated by OTHER PEOPLE. And — get this — the lists that I mentioned earlier … those are built through partner traffic as well!

Simply put if you want to leverage your expertise and make passive income  online all you need to do is implement these 3 simple ways. The beauty of this is it can be done in any niche and for any subject. I have always believed that if you have valuable information and want to reach a mass of people to help them with a particular problem they face, then it is your responsibility to get it out there. So, what are you waiting for get started today leveraging your knowledge and make some passive income online!

If you are want a complete step by step system to show you everything you need to know to have a successful Internet business where you use your knowledge then check out my Internet Copy System.

To your success,

Dave McGarry


Top Ten Fitness Trends for 2011

There might be more than 45 days left till the New Year but the American College of Sports Medicine has released its yearly “Top Ten Fitness Trends for 2011”. I found the article to be quite interesting and you can read about the top ten trends here.

Although I find this interesting it is not shocking. The number one trend for next year is the demand for experienced and educated trainers. Even though we might be in a recession and people are tightening their spending, people realize the value of an experienced and educated personal trainer. Also, a fundamental shift in thinking has occurred as more and more people are realizing that healthcare costs are going to continue to rise, and one way for them to help reduce their costs, is to get healthy. To do this, they need an experienced expert, like you, to help them. So, this is great news for personal trainers and fitness professionals. I believe you are going to see this trend to continue and only grow.

The other area that I find interesting is, the number of physician referrals continues to grow. Doctors are prescribing exercise to their clients as means to getting them well. This is another huge shift for our industry and if you do not have a percentage of your business coming from doctor referrals then you are missing out. Find several doctors in your area and start building a relationship with them. Get them to have trust in your abilities and they will start sending business to you.

Well, that is it for now but I want to leave you with this. The health and wellness industry is only going to keep expanding. Find your niche within the industry and become the expert. If you are unsure of what areas are growing go read the list of the top ten trends and find one that interests you. Make 2011 your best year ever!

Coach Dave

Market and Sell your Fitness Business like the U.S. Marines

Happy 235th birthday to the United States Marine Corps. I have always had a deep respect for the military and for the United States Marine Corps. Several of my friends have served in the Marines and I am thankful for their service. Today, I want to talk to you about how to market and sell your fitness business like the U.S. Marines.

When we talk about marketing we typically are referring to one of the 4 p’s.

Positioning (Place)

One of the biggest mistakes personal trainers and fitness clubs make in their marketing is they fail to position themselves in the marketplace. Positioning, is critical to a successful marketing campaign. More often than not, personal trainers and fitness clubs fail at strategically positioning themselves in the marketplace. Typically, what happens is the fitness club or personal trainer wants to be for everyone. I understand that no one wants to turn down business but if you want to market and sell more you need to take a page out the Marine playbook.

Many people might not think that the Marines market and sell, however, that is far from the truth. Let me tell you about a great example of the Marines marketing an selling to potential recruits. One day I was at an event and  I remember hearing a Marine Recruiter get up in front of a crowd after several other branches of the military spoke, whom went on for ten minutes talking about their particular branch of service and the benefits of joining. When the Marine recruiter took the stage it was quite different.  The Marine recruiter said the following:
” Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not going to take up much of your time here. Many of you are not qualified to be a Marine, and my estimate, with a crowd this size, probably only a handful of you have what it takes to be a Marine. So, if you think you are one of the few and proud that can join my brotherhood, see me afterwards.”

How many people do you think went to visit that recruiter afterwards? More than half, but the lesson to be learned here is this.

The Marines position themselves as an elite group of the military. The Marines do not want just anyone. They want the best and bravest men and women this country has to offer. They are selective as should you be. You should not just be for everyone, as well. Decide what you stand for and position yourself in the marketplace as that.

Here are some examples.

You may be the best at providing services that market to adults or maybe you are best at working with post-rehab patients. The point I am making is you need to decide who you are best at serving and position and market yourself that way. Do this and people will flock to you. And yes, you will get people who might not fit that speciality but by standing for something as opposed for everything you create credibility. the funny thing also, is it is amazing sometimes when you tell someone that they are not suited for your business they want to be with you even more.

Go market and sell like the United States Marine Corps!

Happy 235th Birthday U.S.M.C.

Coach Dave


If You Want More Sales Create More Credibility

One of the most critical aspects to getting more personal training clients and more sales with either your products or services is to build credibility with your prospects and clients.

CREDIBILITY – Some people might say it is the most important characteristic for a personal trainer to have and establish. Because of all the infomercials and the get fit fast scams, the fitness industry lacks credibility. That’s why it is essential from the second you meet a prospect to establish credibility with them. You must no longer look as yourself as just a trainer or sales person, but also as a consultant. You see, people view consultants as problem solvers and experts.

Action Item – Ask yourself this question: “In the eyes of the prospect, what have I done to establish credibility?”

Now, there are many ways to do this and especially with the explosion of social media and technology but there is no better way to help with credibility then to have other people build it for you. Check out this article that was published in the Orlando Sentinel, which sites a publication from the Harvard Medical School saying that, ” A personal trainer can be a great investment.” This is a great article to tweet to your followers or hand out to prospects to help build that credibility.

Coach Dave

The Future is You!

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 2010 IHRSA convention in San Diego. Let me tell you San Diego is a little piece of paradise, and now I know why everyone wants to live in Southern California. Well, maybe not everyone! Anyway, that being said, I am not really here tonight to talk about how much I loved San Diego but to talk to you about the theme of the convention, “The Future is You.” As of this writing we are waiting to see if the government is going to step in and change the health care system as we no it. Most of you know where I stand on that issue but I want to get back to the light bulb that went off in my head when I thought about the theme of the IHRSA convention. Regardless of where you stand on the health care debate, my view is, if change is going to happen it is going to come from you. Yes, you the fitness professional! So, if you want to be part of the revolution and change here is what you need to do.

1.) Invest in yourself – I know with the internet it is easier to get information and knowledge but I recommend that you should go to a convention at least once a year and learn from the experts. Another reason I think going to a convention is a great investment is you tend to come away recharged and regenerated. Being around motivated and optimistic fitness professionals helps you get back your motivation and reminds you of why you chose this career.

2.) Quit going after everyone – Pick a niche and become an expert in that area. Too many times I see personal trainers trying to be everything to everyone. If athletics gets your blood boiling become a strength coach. If weight loss is your thing become an expert on nutrition and psychology. I made the early mistake as a young personal trainer and wanted to be a personal trainer for everyone. It was through a natural course of time and soul searching that I have finally settled into being on the business side of fitness.

3.) Be passionate – If you do not have a burning desire to help people then this profession is not for you. Also, if you do not have passion your actions will show and you will continuously struggle to retain clients. Search long and hard and understand that this profession is challenging and will take a lot of energy to succeed, so if you lack passion get out now.

As I left San Diego I realized one thing and if this country is going to see real health reform is is up to me and you!

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