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9.5 Reasons I am Grateful for

When I first started out on my journey to become an entrepreneuer things were great but there were times when I was unsure and did not know whether or not I should continue down the path of the unknown. One day though I was reading a blog post by Craig Ballaytane, one of the first people who inspired me to create Working Mom Workouts, and in the post he talked about how he would write a thank you journal ever day, so when he started feeling sorry for himself he would look back to this journal and it would change his mindset. That inspired me to start writing down things I was grateful for and today I want to share a few that I believe have been instrumental for my success.

1.)  I am grateful for the unique talents and skills my creator gave me. Each and every one us have our own unique skills and talents that were given to us. Once I began to understand and hone in on my unique skills and talents I started to realize what I was called to do.What are your talents and have you begun to fully use them?

2.) I am grateful for the fact I saw the sun rise this morning and that I am able to get out of bed and conquer the day ahead of me. Every day we are presented with the choice of being great and making a difference in this world or just being part of this world.Are you going to make a difference today?

3.)  My wonderful family and friends. Any entrepreneur will tell you that their ultimate success lies within the support of their family and friends. Sure people can and have succeeded on their own but you need a support system and I can’t thank my family and friends enough for being behind me and having faith in me!

4.)  Mistakes that I make today. It may sound crazy but I am thankful for the mistakes that I know I am going to make each and everyday. I have the best intentions to be more productive, contact more leads, write better blog posts, but no matter how hard I try I am going to make mistakes and I am okay with that because it allows me to get better and grow as an entrepreneur.

5.)  I am also grateful for my flaws. Having areas of weakness helps me to get better and develop my skills, plus it allows me to seek out others that can help me balance my weaknesses.

6.)  My will to become more. Since I was a kid I always wanted to be great and although I believe I may be above average in certain areas I still have a will to become and do more with my life!

7.)  As crazy as this may sound I am grateful for the people who have stabbed me in the back. Whenever I have had situations like this occur I learn who my real friends are and whom I can trust no matter what.

8.)  I am grateful for the problems I encounter daily. Having problems and being able to work through them makes you stronger and develops your skills.

9.)  I am grateful for the people reading this post and following me. Without having people to help educate and teach them what I have learned would leave a void in my life!

9.5) I am grateful for the ability for me to click send.

P.S. I would love to hear what you are grateful for and if you liked this post pleas “Like” it, Google + it and share with your friends!

To your success,

Dave McGarry

Blizzard of 2011 will not stop the Super Bowl

I am sitting in a hotel room in FT. Worth snowed in. We are going through the blizzard of 2011 and trying to celebrate Super Bowl XLV. Dallas is not set up for this crazy weather, however, as bad as it has been due to closings and cancellations of Super Bowl events one common theme has emerged down here. That theme is sometimes you just have to deal with the circumstances and make the best of it. So, let me ask you what issues are you dealing with that are out of your control? Recognize what those circumstances are and move forward. Quit letting things you can not control keep you from becoming better. Well, that is it for this edition of “Open Blog Friday” because the snow has ended and the sun is out. We are off to meet some of the ESPN guys. I will hopefully have some pics to share of my fabulous weekend, sleet or snow the game will go on!

Coach Dave

Times are a Changing


Have you noticed the changing of the sun in relationship to the sky? Every year there comes a day when I walk outside and say, “Oh, fall is coming, the shadows are different.” Okay, you are probably like my wife and say, “really?” Well, maybe she is right and it is not as obvious to everyone else but one thing I am certain of and that is times are a changing. Hurricane season, back to school, and football is here and that means you need to be done with the lazy days of summer and start planning for the rest of the year. Here is what you need to do to go along with these changing times.

1.) Revisit your goals that you set back for yourself in January and see which ones still seem relavant and important to accomplish this year.  

2.) Go back to your client list and start making calls to get more people back into your personal training schedule. (You do have a list, right?) 

3.) Decide whether or not you are going to raise your rates now or wait till January. Yes, even in a recession you can raise your rates.

4.) Get motivated again. Summer can be a really depressing time for personal trainers because clients are of town for a month and business is slow, so pick up a book that is motivational and start reading.

So the question now is will you go with these changing times or will you stand still and wait for things to happen. I hope you will go with the times and create the success you deserve. By the way I love the fall so you can expect more of these of the cuff posts. Until the next one, go get em!

Coach D