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Motivational Tips and Success| Daily Dose of Dave – Adversity

Everyday we all need to be motivated and think successful thoughts and that is exactly why Dave McGarry created Daily Dose of Dave. In today’s Daily Dose of Dave the word that Dave McGarry talks about is Adversity. A quote by Keith Craft goes like this, ” Adversity is to the soul and spirit what going to the gym is to the body.” What a great quote and for those of you who do not know my story I worked in the health and fitness industry for 15 years prior to starting my own business. The crazy thing is you just never know what is going to happen and when adversity is going to come your way. Just in a snap of a finger I was let go from the job I had loved and now faced with a decision to make. I chose to start my own business and I would be lying if I said it has been easy but facing adversity has changed me and exposed my weaknesses…. Find out what else it has done for me and why you need to learn and grow from your own adverse times.

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Motivational Tips and Success Coach

Do you really want to be a personal trainer?

I get asked this question all the time. Dave, did you always know that you wanted to be a personal trainer? My answer is No. When I was going to school personal training as a career was not something that schools either had a curriculm for or it was not looked upon as a career profession. The perception was that all you needed to be a personal trainer was a great physique and a certification. Not so anymore. Today, personal training is looked upon as a viable profession and is earning the respect it deserves. Okay, I have that off my chest and what I really want to talk to you today about is whether or not personal training is for you?

     As I mentioned above I did not always know I wanted to be a trainer and one of the most common questions I get is “How did you know that you wanted to be a personal trainer?” Well, I tell them it took 33 years and the passing of my father from a massive heart attack to realize that my purpose in life was to help people with their health and wellness. Let me tell you I struggled early on with being a personal trainer. It was not easy making $18 that first paycheck but somehow I just kept pushing through and my constant push to improve myself has led me to where I am today. So, now I am going to ask you, ” Do you really want to be a personal trainer?”


If you can answer yes to the following questions then you might just have found the right career for you.

Can you take rejection from people whom you know need your help but choose to do it on their own?

Can you be positive and upbeat one session after another?

Can you work early mornings and late evenings to build up a clientele? 

Can you work off of 100% commission? 

Are you committed to constant learning?

Well, if you answered yes to all these questions above you are the right path to being able to say personal training is for me. Now, if you are still unsure about being a trainer and you have a passion for health and fitness don’t give up because passion and commitment can ultimately win out. You just need to know that the path can be challenging and I wanted you to know a little bit of what it takes to be a successful personal trainer. 

Coach Dave


7 tips on getting more personal training clients

How would you like to know seven tips to start doing today that will help you get more personal training clients? Now, my goal for you is over the next month try and implement two or three of these tips and six months from now you will start making more money and have more personal training clients. Today’s post is going to include the first of three posts that I will share with you on how to get more clients. Here are the first three.

1.) Get more knowledge – Yes, the first thing I tell new fitness professionals is to read, listen, and watch anything that is related to improving you as a trainer and business person. I am sure you have heard the phrase “Leaders are Readers”. This is so true if you want to be the lead personal trainer in your area you need to keep learning.

2.)Write articles – This is something I wished I would have done sooner. Newspaper and magazine editors are always looking for a great story and by being published it does two things. One, you become tagged as an expert and two, you get free marketing to hundreds of readers and potential prospects.

3.) Speak at local companies – In today’s economy, companies have had to dial back the perks they are giving out to their employees. So, having an expert come in and speak on health and fitness is something that employees want and value. You are doing the company a big favor and also yourself because it gives you a chance to market yourself.  Also, this will continue to build you up as an expert and give you the credibility you need to make the sale. If you do a good job you will be asked to come back and each time you speak you have the potential to get more clients.

Tomorrow I will share with you two ways to get more clients without physically training anyone. As for now pick up a book or listen to an audio of someone who can give you more knowledge, which will start you on a path to more money.

Create your own luck

Do you believe that luck plays a major role in your success? Well, if you think that only lucky people are successful, you need to start thinking differently. People who are successful put themselves into situations to reap opportunities that arise, and once presented with an opportunity their knowledge and skills allow them to make good decisions. In a previous post “Learning Never Ends” I tell new trainers and interns, the best piece of advice I received early in my career, was to never stop learning. I believe that the success I have achieved to this point has been attributed to that discipline. Another key to creating your own luck is to have a great attitude. I recently read a quote by Joe Cirulli, Gainesville Health and Fitness CEO, about what his thoughts on the economy were and how it is going to affect his business. He said, in their company values they preach this quote, ” We are the creators of our own future.” I could not have said it any better and if you want to be successful then you need to create your own luck.

Here are some other approaches to make luck work for you:

Create a mind map 

Have a plan

Learn from your past and your failures

Always believe in yourself and your abilities

Network, Network, Network – I have had three jobs in my career and they have all been because I knew someone that knew the person who was looking to hire a trainer.

Finish – The journey is never over. The biggest mistake people make is that they give up too soon. As I mention in my book “Anatomy of Sales”  I almost gave up on the fitness industry but hanging on has now led me to where I am today.