Do you really want to be a personal trainer?

I get asked this question all the time. Dave, did you always know that you wanted to be a personal trainer? My answer is No. When I was going to school personal training as a career was not something that schools either had a curriculm for or it was not looked upon as a career profession. The perception was that all you needed to be a personal trainer was a great physique and a certification. Not so anymore. Today, personal training is looked upon as a viable profession and is earning the respect it deserves. Okay, I have that off my chest and what I really want to talk to you today about is whether or not personal training is for you?

     As I mentioned above I did not always know I wanted to be a trainer and one of the most common questions I get is “How did you know that you wanted to be a personal trainer?” Well, I tell them it took 33 years and the passing of my father from a massive heart attack to realize that my purpose in life was to help people with their health and wellness. Let me tell you I struggled early on with being a personal trainer. It was not easy making $18 that first paycheck but somehow I just kept pushing through and my constant push to improve myself has led me to where I am today. So, now I am going to ask you, ” Do you really want to be a personal trainer?”


If you can answer yes to the following questions then you might just have found the right career for you.

Can you take rejection from people whom you know need your help but choose to do it on their own?

Can you be positive and upbeat one session after another?

Can you work early mornings and late evenings to build up a clientele? 

Can you work off of 100% commission? 

Are you committed to constant learning?

Well, if you answered yes to all these questions above you are the right path to being able to say personal training is for me. Now, if you are still unsure about being a trainer and you have a passion for health and fitness don’t give up because passion and commitment can ultimately win out. You just need to know that the path can be challenging and I wanted you to know a little bit of what it takes to be a successful personal trainer. 

Coach Dave

Dave McGarry

I am an entrepreneur who has a passion for creating sustainable businesses through the internet and helping local businesses grow their businesses through marketing strategies. Receiving an MBA got me started but the real business experience has come from me creating my own online success. If you are looking to grow your business and create the financial prosperity that you dream of then can join me on the journey.

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