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3 Simple Ways to Leverage Your Expertise to Make Passive Income

Do you remember the song “Party Like it is 1999” by Prince? Man, I remember that song and the year like it was yesterday! As they say, “Those were the Good Old Days” and it was also the time period that I first started thinking about how to leverage my expertise as a personal trainer with the Internet. I mean if you had a dot com (name.com) you were bound to strike it rich and retire young back in those days. Shoot I remember all my friends telling me that they were going to cash in on their stock options and retire by the time they were 30. I was so jealous and wanted to come up with a way to leverage my knowledge and expertise and use the Internet but how was I going to do it. Well, unfortunately it was still a little to early to fully use the Internet to leverage your expertise but that is not the case today! It has never been easier and my dreams and goals of having a successful Internet business have finally come to fruition. Yours can too and if you follow these 3 steps you will be on your way to using your knowledge and expertise to make passive income online!

The Internet Copy System

Here are the 3 simple ways to leverage your expertise to make passive income:

#1: Create An Offer. It all begins with creating a new offer. This is almost exclusively an “information” based product or service and includes small reports, ebooks, membership sites, physical products, coaching programs and software applications. It all hinges upon writing tiny, 7-15 page special reports. That’s all! And, if you don’t feel comfortable writing even these bite-sized reports, you can hire a “ghostwriter” to do it for you!

#2: Build A List. With a new offer created, you then send out multiple mailings to all of your lists. This, as you can imagine, creates a flurry of orders instantly … literally within minutes of sending out the mailing orders begin to arrive. Some who use this system have tens of thousands of subscribers on their lists and more coming in every single day.

#3: Notify Partners. Want to know what to do to generate “traffic” to your site? It’s simple: I notify my affiliates and partners of my new offers … and THEY do all of the work for you! Whether it’s a full-time affiliate manager, a member of an affiliate program or limited joint venture partners, almost 100% of the traffic in this system is generated by OTHER PEOPLE. And — get this — the lists that I mentioned earlier … those are built through partner traffic as well!

Simply put if you want to leverage your expertise and make passive income  online all you need to do is implement these 3 simple ways. The beauty of this is it can be done in any niche and for any subject. I have always believed that if you have valuable information and want to reach a mass of people to help them with a particular problem they face, then it is your responsibility to get it out there. So, what are you waiting for get started today leveraging your knowledge and make some passive income online!

If you are want a complete step by step system to show you everything you need to know to have a successful Internet business where you use your knowledge then check out my Internet Copy System.

To your success,

Dave McGarry

How I Get Subscribers To Read My Emails

How I Get Subscribers To Read My Emails








Did you notice the title of this article? It’s going to be important in just a minute, so glance back at it one more time!

“How I Get Subscribers To Read My Emails”.

Any list publisher in the world knows in order to get subscribers responding to their email messages, those subscribers must first READ those email messages.

The question is – how to pull it off?

Let’s face it, just blasting out a message to your list won’t make the grade these days. It’s hard enough getting the darn thing delivered properly. Getting subscribers to actually read your mailing takes a bit of work.

And yet there IS a very systematic, very scientific formula for getting list members to take a look at your emails and read what you’ve got waiting for them.

It’s called – PRAYER!


Well, maybe that’s not the formula but it certainly couldn’t hurt. LOL

Getting back to the point, it’s all about crafting powerful “subject lines”.

The reason you’re here reading this is because the title in this article got your attention long enough to get you to take action.

So, it obviously worked.


Which prompts two important questions


1. Why did my title work well enough to get you to read it and respond?


2. How can you apply the same technique I used to see results with your emails?


Let’s break down the subject line I used, “How I get subscribers to read my emails”, into three important keys as we answer those two questions..


Key 1 : Focus On The End Result.

One of the things that undoubtedly caught your attention when you originally read my title was the fact that it spoke of some enticing results that I was achieving, that YOU would like to achieve as well…

“get subscribers to read my emails”

That’s an end result that every email marketer wants to achieve, getting their subscribers to actually open up and read their emails.

So, from the beginning there is this indication, this hint, that I am about to share something that has already been proven to produce desirable results.

That’s all ad copy is, folks, whether it’s a salesletter or a classified ad or an email subject line. The primary objective is to get the reader thinking about the END RESULT.

Start with the end in mind.

What potential results can you promise to your subscribers if they open your email and take a look inside?

I assure you, when a man or woman on the other end of the line gets your email, that’s what they want to know – “What’s in it for me?

You should never click the “send” button until you have made dead certain that something in your subject line appeals to the wants and desires of the individuals who are on your list.

Specifically, focusing on a desirable result (or lack of results, if you are using the “fear of loss” approach) that is so interesting to your subscribers that they stop in their tracks to read what you’ve got inside.

Start with the end results in mind: “get subscribers to read my emails”.

Whatever results YOUR specific list wants to achieve – as it relates to the mailing you are about to send –

* Speed read 150 pages an hour

* Get free airline tickets

* Raise a child model

* Take an extra day off each week

* Stop headaches for good

* Lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks

* Cut wedding costs in half

* Save your marriage

* Quit smoking in 30 days

After you’ve decided what “end result” you want to focus on, there is a second key to consider..


Key 2: Give Them An Example To Follow.

Learn this and learn this well: nothing – absolutely nothing – speaks louder than personal results.

How many times have you asked a man or woman who has lost a lot of weight…

“How did you do it?”

Just the other day the youth pastor at my church invited me to speak to the youth during a Wednesday night service. I accepted and for forty-five minutes those teenagers sat quietly, hanging on my every word.

After the service was over, the youth pastor came to me and said those magical words, “How did you do it?”

He went on to explain that they are rarely quiet with him and he has a hard time getting them to pay attention. He was so interested in learning how I did it that he dropped by my home the next day to ask me more questions.

Nothing – absolutely nothing – speaks louder than personal results.

* How did you lose that weight?

* How did you get those youth to listen to you?

* How did you get your lawn so green?

* How did you raise two great kids?

* How did you get that promotion?

* How did you teach your toddler to swim


You get the attention of your subscriber by hinting at results, but you reel them in by giving them details on how you personally achieved those desirable results.

If we have a pattern to follow, we can do it ourselves.

And that’s what we really want.

Notice my subject line: “How I get subscribers to read my emails”.

* How I speed read 150 pages an hour

* How I get free airline tickets

* How I raised a child model

* How I take an extra day off each week

* How I stopped headaches for good

* How I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks

* How I cut wedding costs in half

* How I saved my marriage

* How I quit smoking in 30 days

Every single one of us that desires a result, wants to know how to achieve it. And we’d rather not go to the pains of trying to figure it out ourselves.

We’d much rather have someone who has achieved what we want to achieve show us how to do it.

That’s why you are reading this article. Does my system work? You tell me. :-)

You wouldn’t be here unless it did.

But, there’s a third key as well…

Key 3 : Use A Proven Template To Save Time And Increase Results.

Now, to be completely honest with you, this technique won’t work if you continue using it every single time you do a mailing to your list.

While you do want to hint at results and even mention personal results, you cannot simply plug in the same subject line over and over again…

* How I make money as an affiliate

* How I make money with joint ventures

* How I make money with my ezine

* How I make money with pay-per-clicks

* How I make money with banners

* How I make money with autoresponders

I mean, that’s gonna get old after a while. It’s gonna lose its luster. It’s not going to be nearly as effective after folks continue seeing it over and over again

That’s why you need to keep a set of proven effective subject line templates on hand, so you can “copy and paste” them every time you need a “grabber” subject line for your mailings. Watch what your favorite ezine authors do and you’ll come up with some good ones, or you can purchase a set of hot subject lines that you can use any time.

So, that’s how I get subscribers to read emails. I encourage you to do those three things with your own opt-in list…

Focus On The End Result.

Give Them An Example To Follow.

Use A Proven Template To Save Time And Increase Results.

And if you’d like to learn how to do this quickly and easily, check

out The Copy System.  Not only will you learn how to build a list and

get them to buy, but you’ll also learn how to create your own products

to sell and generate traffic to your site!


Read all about it at http://www.davemcgarry.com/cms/the-internet-copy-system



What is Nano Continuity?

Hello everyone,

Last week I wrote to you about creating a fixed term membership site to increase your passive income and build your tribe. Today, I want to introduce you to Ryan Lee. Ryan is the first person I started following online and one of the first products I bought to get me started with my internet business. He is a pioneer in the field and he is always ahead of the curve ,so I’ll cut to the chase and tell you what is his newest venture.

Creating continuity income (something that pays you month after month) is the only real
way to create wealth online. It’s nice to wake up and know the first of the month you
are guaranteed at least $20K per month without having to lift a finger.

BUT, and this is a big but, creating a continuity program that not only CONVERTS people
to paying subscribers but also KEEPS them paying for years at a time is challenging for
even the most skilled marketer.

Fear no more, my friend.

Ryan Lee, known online as the “Continuity King” has just created a free presentation that
shows you an “under the radar” secret that not only converts up to 30% higher, but will keep
people paying for YEARS.

Watch it now:

==> texasdmcg.SPORTSCOM.hop.clickbank.net <==

Coach Dave

P.S. I urge you to watch this presentation now as I don’t know how long Ryan is
keeping it up.

==> texasdmcg.SPORTSCOM.hop.clickbank.net <==

Want 1,000 paying members? Watch it happen…

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I brought you a post about creating a fixed term membership site and I wanted to follow it up with another post to get you to seriously consider creating your own memebership site.

Let me ask you this, “What would it mean to your business if you had 1,000 customers sending you MONTHLY payments for your own membership site?”

When I hear those kinds of numbers being thrown around on salesletters, I’m always skeptical.  I can’t help it, it just sounds “too good to be true”.

Well, someone has made a believer out of me.  He’s not only broken the 1,000 paying member barrier once … but he’s done it TWICE! (Update:  He’s now done it THREE times!)

And, get this: all three times it took less than two weeks without any “product launch” or “guru partners” lined up to pull this off.

What’s more, he’s prepared a video that teaches exactly how he did it … and I’ve got you a FREE pass to watch it with absolutely no strings attached.

** Don’t have a membership site?  Don’t worry!  He’s also gonna show you how to have your own original membership site up and running within 48 hours!

Block off some time today or tomorrow to watch “Rapid Fire Residual” from Jimmy D. Brown.

You can get all the details at IM Institute

During this video presentation you’ll discover…

— How to get 1,000 cash-in-hand, paying subscribers for your membership site even if you don’t have “guru” friends to help you with a “product launch”.

— How to setup your own membership site in just 2 days if you don’t already have one of your own.  (His wife, who has absolutely ZERO experience setup one by following this simple plan … he’ll show you how.)

Again, you can grab all of the details and begin watching the video immediately at:

IM Institute

Best regards,

Coach Dave

P.S.  Jimmy has also prepared a downloadable PDF guide for you.  It’s a “fill-in-the-blanks” guide to help you make the most of the video.  Get it at the site.

How to build your own paid membership site

Have you been thinking about building your own paid membership site? If not, you should, because it is one way to help build a tribe of followers, and it also allows you to create a passive revenue stream for your business. Now, there are two ways you can go about building a membership site. One ,is the traditional method where you create a website, continuously load it up with content, and get clients and other people to join. I know what you are thinking, “Way too much work and why would anyone want to join.” I agree, but I found a better approach to a membership site.

Several months ago I was introduced to a guy named Jimmy D. Brown and his concept of building a “fixed term membership site.” Essentially, what “fixed term” means is you decide how long the membership lasts. Jimmy states, that most people stay on average between 3-4 months as a member of a site. So, in order to make them feel more comfortable about joining, you give them a time frame. By having a time frame your clients will know that they will not be adding another monthly recurring bill to their credit card and when the term is over they are done. Also, a fixed term membership site helps you manage your time and effort. When you create a fixed term site ,you do not have to add a bunch of content all at once, but instead add content on a weekly basis. Once the initial work is done all you have to do is get subscribers to join and begin to see a passive income stream develop.

Okay, I know there are tons of  questions going on in your mind, so take a look at my membership site Working Mom Workouts and see how I am focusing on a niche, Working Moms, and  how I send workouts to them once they join.

Now that you had a chance to see my site it is time for you to considered what you can do. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to get you started brainstorming for your fixed term membership site:

  • First, what are you passionate about?
  • What are you the best at (Expert)?
  • Is there a market for that?
  • Do I have 5-10 hours a week to devote to building a site?
  • Will I see the project through completion?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself to get you on the path towards your own fixed term membership site. Obviously, there is more that goes into starting up a site, but that is far too extensive to get into in one blog post. If you are interested in learning more about how to set up your own membership you can go through my coaching program where I can walk you through step by step and help have your membership site up in less than 48 hours form when we speak!

In health,

Coach Dave