How to build your own paid membership site

Have you been thinking about building your own paid membership site? If not, you should, because it is one way to help build a tribe of followers, and it also allows you to create a passive revenue stream for your business. Now, there are two ways you can go about building a membership site. One ,is the traditional method where you create a website, continuously load it up with content, and get clients and other people to join. I know what you are thinking, “Way too much work and why would anyone want to join.” I agree, but I found a better approach to a membership site.

Several months ago I was introduced to a guy named Jimmy D. Brown and his concept of building a “fixed term membership site.” Essentially, what “fixed term” means is you decide how long the membership lasts. Jimmy states, that most people stay on average between 3-4 months as a member of a site. So, in order to make them feel more comfortable about joining, you give them a time frame. By having a time frame your clients will know that they will not be adding another monthly recurring bill to their credit card and when the term is over they are done. Also, a fixed term membership site helps you manage your time and effort. When you create a fixed term site ,you do not have to add a bunch of content all at once, but instead add content on a weekly basis. Once the initial work is done all you have to do is get subscribers to join and begin to see a passive income stream develop.

Okay, I know there are tons of  questions going on in your mind, so take a look at my membership site Working Mom Workouts and see how I am focusing on a niche, Working Moms, and  how I send workouts to them once they join.

Now that you had a chance to see my site it is time for you to considered what you can do. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to get you started brainstorming for your fixed term membership site:

  • First, what are you passionate about?
  • What are you the best at (Expert)?
  • Is there a market for that?
  • Do I have 5-10 hours a week to devote to building a site?
  • Will I see the project through completion?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself to get you on the path towards your own fixed term membership site. Obviously, there is more that goes into starting up a site, but that is far too extensive to get into in one blog post. If you are interested in learning more about how to set up your own membership you can go through my coaching program where I can walk you through step by step and help have your membership site up in less than 48 hours form when we speak!

In health,

Coach Dave

Dave McGarry

I am an entrepreneur who has a passion for creating sustainable businesses through the internet and helping local businesses grow their businesses through marketing strategies. Receiving an MBA got me started but the real business experience has come from me creating my own online success. If you are looking to grow your business and create the financial prosperity that you dream of then can join me on the journey.

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