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Do you Like Triple D’s

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Dave’s Daily Dose of Motivation. Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking or thinking something else. Dave’s Daily Dose of Motivation is going to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners daily motivation and tips to help them achieve more, be inspired, and take action in their business and life. I hope you enjoy them and please share with others who might need a little bit of motivation or inspiration to continue on with their goals and dreams!

Below is episode #1

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Will you be ready?

I just finished reading a great article from a mentor of mine. His name is Chris Widener and many of you may have heard of him. If not, he is a really great speaker and author. I have read several of his books and each time I walk away motivated and thinking positive. So, today I wanted to share an article I received from him. You can sign up and receive his weekly newsletter at his website. Chris is on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Okay so here is the article and I hope you are ready for this!


Do you believe that anyone can acheive anything? I do.
But there is a caveat that must be made. Those who succeed are those who walk through the door of opportunity when it swings open. That we know.

But what is the secret to getting through the door of opportunity?

Well, YOU have to be OUTSIDE the door when it swings open!!

Here is a great article to help you find the door!
Chris Widener

As the story goes, Frank Sinatra got his big break while working as a waiter. One day, as he was waiting tables, who does he see sitting in the restaurant, but one of the biggest names in the music industry. Old Blue Eyes did the unbelievable: He cleared off a table next to the gentleman and got up on it and sang! He knew he was done at the restaurant for doing so, but how many times would this door of opportunity open up? Needless to say, the rest is history.

You may remember my article about the stagehand for Kenny G who one day was in the auditorium with Kenny, just the two of them, when he started to play every song for him on the piano that was set up. Kenny didn’t even know the guy could play the piano. Guess who is now the lead keyboardist for Kenny G? You got it!

You see, you never know when the door of opportunity is going to open wide. For some, the big break comes early in life and for others later on. But for all of those who become successful, there is one key similarity: They were ready. And for every one of those who were ready, there were thousands more who weren’t.
So, the principle for us is: Be ready!
Are you ready? Here are some thoughts for you to consider.

Are your skills as sharp as they could be? Are they enough so when your shot comes you can perform?

Is your character deep enough to handle success? Let’s face it; you don’t want big success if your character won’t be able to handle it.

Are you working hard to position yourself now? The job to do while waiting for the door to open is to develop your skills and your character, so as to position yourself to get through that door before it closes.

Your door will open someday. It opens for everyone. It may only open once or it may open many times. It is different for everyone and life just isn’t fair that way. But everybody gets a shot. Will you be ready?

When that huge door of opportunity opens up, will you be able to walk boldly through it?
Do everything you can to be ready. Don’t just sit and wish and dream. Be proactive and make sure that you are the most qualified when the door opens. Make sure that you are the hardest worker. Make sure you are the closest to the door.

When it opens – Be Ready!

Shhh. Do you hear that? Hinges creaking! It is the sound of the door opening. Your door of opportunity! Are you ready?

Make it a great day!

Coach Dave

Do you Twitter?

Do you Twitter? Not sure what I am talking about. Well, Twitter is the fastest growing social networking medium. if you are not using Twitter in your business you are missing a great opportunity to build a solid following of clients and like minded individuals. I am not going to go into how to set up and use Twitter, but what I will do is tell you how you can use Twitter to add value to training business.

  1. You can use Twitter to send messages to your clients as individuals or as a group
  2. You can send motivational quotes or positive messages
  3. You can use Twitter to send articles or links to other important information
  4. You can use Twitter to build up a following and create new leads
These ideas are just the surface of what Twitter can be used in your training business. Please do not wait to adopt one of the best tools of the new Web 2.0. Take action today and sign up www.Twitter.com and you can follow me at @davemcgarry. I can’t wait to get your Tweets!! 
Coach Dave