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Motivational Tips and Success|Daily Dose of Dave – Resistance

Everybody needs motivation and success whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or just an everyday person trying to struggle and fight through resistance and tough times. In today’s “Daily Dose of Dave” Dave McGarry talks about resistance and how tempting it is to take the path of least resistance. However, he points out that everyone needs a little bit of inspiration and you should look to those people who should have quit but despite being rejected and having a lot of resistance to their product or service kept pushing on and achieved greatness! You to can do that. Also, remember the quote from Jim Rohn who said, “don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” So, what type of resistance are you facing? What is it that you need to get better at to achieve greatness for yourself. Work on that one thing today and never quit! Until tomorrow make it a great day. Also, you can follow me on FB http://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingadvisor or at my new blog http://www.thinksuccessdaily.com.


Motivation and Success


Dave’s Daily Motivation – Value

Dave’s Daily Motivation is brought to you by David McGarry, who is an online entrepreneur and passive income coach. Dave’s Daily Motivation is a short and quick inspiration and motivational message that inspires entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and reach their dreams. Today the word is value and around the :50 mark you find out a really great quote that can change the way you business.

Do you Like Triple D’s

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Dave’s Daily Dose of Motivation. Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking or thinking something else. Dave’s Daily Dose of Motivation is going to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners daily motivation and tips to help them achieve more, be inspired, and take action in their business and life. I hope you enjoy them and please share with others who might need a little bit of motivation or inspiration to continue on with their goals and dreams!

Below is episode #1

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The Abundance Network

I just received this email from a guy named Joe Vitale. You may have heard of him before or seen him on the Fox News Channel. Please read this email and share it with your friends and your co-workers becuase we need inspiration and positivity in our lives.

Coach Dave

By Joe Vitale

I just recorded my new audio program in
Chicago. I’ll tell you about it soon but
want to share something with you first.

I was interviewed about the program while
there. The host asked, “Joe, with the economy
in the tank and sinking, what are we to do?”

“How do you know it’s sinking?” I asked.

But I didn’t give the host a chance to reply.

I went on saying —

“The only reason you think it’s terrible out
there is because you are being programmed
to think so by the mainstream media.”

The host stared at me as I went on my
soapbox and continued —

“The media is trained to find bad news
and broadcast it to you. The more they
do it and you believe it, the worst the
world looks. It then becomes a self-
fulfilling prophecy. You live from the
new paradigm of scarcity and the media,
doing its job, broadcasts it. You don’t
even see it happening. It feels real.”

I then turned direction and said —

“But what if there was a different channel
to watch or listen to? What if there was an
Abundance Network and all it broadcast were
stories of people succeeding, accomplishing,
attracting and achieving?”

I continued with —

“We all know that there are people doing
well in the world right now. If this alternative
media broadcast their positive news, you
would soon be programmed to see the
world as an abundant place. You would
then create a self-fulfilling prophecy of
abundance. THAT would then feel real.”

My host barely had time to stutter before
I kept going with —

“Look. Both types of world exist right now —
the lousy economy one as well as the abundant
economy one. The trick is, which are you going to
let program you? Which do you want to live in?”

I’m not aware of an Abundance Network yet.
But until something like it exists — or until
my new audio program comes out in late
October — what are you to do?

Here’s my suggestion —

Reprogram your mind.

Take charge of it.

Feed it the positive and you’ll see and then
attract the positive.

You’ll “tune in” to the Abundance Network
in your own mind.

And then you can thumb your nose at the
doomsayers out there.

You can become immune to them.

How can you do this?

Go see —


It’s the single best thing you can do for yourself
at this time in history.

It’ll tell you the true story of a broke man who
found the secret to fulfilling virtually any
desire you may have.

And it’ll tell you how to easily program your mind
with the positive while you do something even
easier than watching TV.

Go to —


What station will you choose — the Scarcity
Network or the Abundance Network?

It’s your move.

And your mind.



PS — You’ll get about $1,150 in mind shifting
goods when you go to that site. So why not
go there right now, while it’s on your mind
and you know you’re curious? Go here —


Request: Please forward this message to friends.
Let’s create “The Abundance Manifesto” with
this email as a way to kick-start the dialogue.

Note: My new audio program will be out late
October. It’s called “The Abundance Paradigm:
Moving from the Law of Attraction to the Law of
Creation.” Stay tuned for details.

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