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Motivational Tips and Success|Daily Dose of Dave – Resistance

Everybody needs motivation and success whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or just an everyday person trying to struggle and fight through resistance and tough times. In today’s “Daily Dose of Dave” Dave McGarry talks about resistance and how tempting it is to take the path of least resistance. However, he points out that everyone needs a little bit of inspiration and you should look to those people who should have quit but despite being rejected and having a lot of resistance to their product or service kept pushing on and achieved greatness! You to can do that. Also, remember the quote from Jim Rohn who said, “don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” So, what type of resistance are you facing? What is it that you need to get better at to achieve greatness for yourself. Work on that one thing today and never quit! Until tomorrow make it a great day. Also, you can follow me on FB http://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingadvisor or at my new blog http://www.thinksuccessdaily.com.


Motivation and Success

What is your 5 year plan?

Hello everyone,

I want to take a minute and give a big shout out to my daughter who turns 5 today! Happy Birthday Caitlynn!

Now, when I say, “where did those five years go” those of you who are parents know what I am talking about. Time just flies by and it is amazing to me that five years of my life is behind me.

So, what is that I am trying to get at here? Well, after taking some time to reflect back on everything that has happened, both good and bad I wanted to get you to start thinking about what has the last five years been like for you.

Has it been all good? Have you had some struggling times? Do you have a plan for the future?

Well, let me tell you something I learned from a mentor of mine. The great Jim Rohn once said, ” the last five years are in the past but the next five years lie ahead of you.”

To think everything in the past, is in the past. Past success is just that. Past failure is just that! Make the decision today to make the next five years better.

Go big in the next five years and if you need some help with that I am here to help. Contact me and I will help you get a 5 year plan together, so you can realize your dreams.

Well, we are off to go take the birthday girl to go see “Rango.” I hope it is age appropriate!

Coach Dave

Do you Have a Dream?

Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King day in our county and as I am writing this I am returning from D.C. I absolutely love going to D.C. and love visiting all the sights no matter how many times I see them, which brings me to what I want to talk to you about today. You see, Dr. King, as well as our founding fathers had a dream. They dreamed of freedom for all and a place where all people were equal. They had a vision for a better world. So, I am asking you today, what are your dreams? What do you want your life, career and world you live in to be like? You were put on this earth for a purpose and you should be dreaming of better you, better career, and a better world. I know not everyone considers himself or herself a dreamer, but you should be. That being the case there are a couple of things I want to recommend for you to start doing.

A few years ago I was listening to a CD by Jim Rohn, who was talking about having a better life. One of the mental exercises he had us do was to take a few minutes and imagine that there were no obstacles in your way and to write down 50 things you wanted to do in life. Write down every thing no matter how small or big. He said, to just let you mind wander and see where it takes you. Now, I have to admit I had a hard time at first coming up with 50 things, but once I started t o dream of all things I wanted to do in my life and what kind of legacy I want to leave the pen started to just write. It was a great exercise because today as I am writing this I still have that list on my desk. I look at it from time to time and am amazed at how much I have started to achieve. I have said it before and I will say it again you need to write down your goals and have it somewhere you will see them on a regular basis.

Now, having gone through that exercise was great but the next step I am going to recommend coincides with Jim’s exercise, but takes it a step further. You see, most of us learn better through visualization. That being the case you need to take those goals and create what is called a “Dream Board.” This will take a little longer but print out pictures of the things you want to have or accomplish in your life. Fill the board with as many as you can fit on there. Remember these are your dreams so go big!
So, in closing, celebrate and honor Dr. King by having a dream. Dream to become better. Dream to be more. And dream to make a difference in this world.

In health,
Coach Dave

P.S. If you want to be inspired I attached the speech by Dr. King, so go watch it!

Are you one of the 47 percent?

We are a couple of weeks into the New Year and I know some of you are still getting around to setting those resolutions. As I said in an earlier post, ” New Year’s Resolutions are a Wast of Time” I do not set resolutions I set up a plan for the year that has my top goals. Well, I guess I am not the only one that doesn’t set goals resolutions anymore. According to a recent survey by the Opinion Research Corp. only 45 percent of Americans now say they make New Year’s resolutions, which is down from 88 percent from the past. At first thought I was thinking maybe they read my post and have decided to turn over a new leaf and start setting up goals and a plan for the new year. Nope, the study goes on to say that people just don’t set them anymore because they are tired of hurting themselves and call the whole thing off. Pretty sad if you ask me but I am not really all that shocked about the finding. The survey had some other interesting findings but one in particular stood out to me. The one that stuck out in my mind was that 47 percent of those responded to the survey said, ” they will set a resolution related to their head” (i.e, a self improvement goal). Now maybe because I love self improvement but this was encouraging to me. So, today I want to ask you, do you fall into the 47 percent category?

I hope you answered yes to the question above, because if you want more out of life or career you have to become more. I learned that from the great Jim Rohn. What happens to most of us is, we get so caught up with all the daily nuances we neglect working on becoming a better person. I know for me I need to work on time management and finishing projects I start. I get so caught up with new ideas that I let projects go unfinished. I have made that a goal of mine this year and I hope by the end of the year I can look back and say I became better.

What is it that you need to get better at? Maybe it is time management or maybe organization skills. Whatever it is, make it one of your goals this year to get better at, because I can promise you this, if you work harder on yourself you can become more and be more!

Well, I am off to D.C. for the weekend to attend a good friend’s wedding. I just love going to our Nation’s Capitol, because it always reminds of how great it is to live in the best country in the world.I will be back next week with some more inspiring stuff, so until then, make it a great weekend!

Coach Dave

Do you have a plan for 2011

I have a simple question for you today and that is. “Do you have a plan for 2011?” I am referring to a specific, detailed, goal approach to having a better year personally and professionally in 2011. I know what you are saying, “I have my goals for next year up here in my head.” Sorry, that does not work. If you really want to have a great year in 2011 you need to take some time over the next couple of days and reflect on what you accomplished this past year and what you want to accomplish next year.

Every year I use a technique that I learned from the great Jim Rohn. What I do is, I take all my journals and goals that I have written down and review them. I ask myself the following questions:

Why do I write that down as a goal?
Did I accomplish it? If not, why not?
What areas of my personal life do I want to work on?
What areas of my business career do I want to grow?
What are my income goals for the next year? 3 years? 5 years?
How do I become more?
What people do I need to meet and network with to achieve my goals?

Those are my top 7 questions that I ask myself before I begin to set up my plan for the next year. And yes, I write it down!

So, take the next couple of days before the holidays and reflect on what this past year has been like and set up your 2011 plan.

I will be sharing with you my 2011 predictions and my plan real soon, so come back to see the big things I have planned.

P.S. If you need some coaching on this I am available to help. We all need someone to help us from time to time and now is a great time to get some. Click here to join my coaching program.