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Are you running your race

Happy Friday!I thought I would share an email I sent to my Working Mom Workouts list last year! It still applies today one year later as my daughter out of nowhere the other day asked to watch the movie again. You will see what I am talking about. Enjoy the last day of Summer!

I just love the Fall! I know I have said that before
but there is just something about opening the door and feeling that
cool crisp air hit you in the face!

Shoot, this past Summer for us it was like 85 degrees at 6 am, so
when I walk outside and it is 60 degrees I am a little giddy! And
since I am feeling a little kiddy today I wanted to write about
something I have been thinking about for a few months now!

A few months back my mother had recommended that we rent the movie
“Secretariat” and watch it with kids. Well, I was a little
reluctant only because my youngest daughter had yet to turn three
and we were not sure if she could sit through the entire movie.

Boy, were we wrong! Sit through the movie, shoot, as I am writing
this to you today my daughter wakes up every morning asking me to
put on “Secretariat.”

Yes, since the night we watched the movie my daughter has fallen in
love with horses and we not only rented “Secretariat” again but
finally purchased it for her birthday that just passed.

Let me tell you after watching it for the like umpteenth time I
feel like I can be an expert film critic. Now, if you have never
seen the movie I recommend you rent it and watch it because it
really is good and has some very good lessons in it, as is the case
with most Disney films!

And that is what I want to talk to you today about, a lesson that I
believe we all need to be reminded about. I know your time is
valuable, so I won’t go into the entire film but Secretariat won the
“Triple Crown.”

The “Triple Crown” has only been one by a few horses in history and
is almost considered to be an impossible feat to accomplish. And
during the time period of the movie the last “Triple Crown” winner
was some 25 years earlier, so the odds of Secretariat winning it
was very slim.

Now, here is where the lesson comes in. You see, what had happened
was the father and owner of the ranch had passed away, leaving the family at odds on what to do with the ranch and the taxes owed on it. Going against her family, the
daughter, Penney Tweedy, took over the ranch and put everything on the line. She didn’t care about the money or losing everything instead she believed in carrying out her dad’s legacy and was willing to sacrifice everything just to see the horse “run it’s race!”

The daughter turned down 8 million dollars because she believed
that much in what she was doing!

So, what does this have to do with you? Well, while we were
watching the movie I had said to my daughter, “Ady, run your race”
and she said back to me, “No Daddy, you run your race!”

And that is where it hit me. Each and everyone of us has our own
race to run. At times things be can extremely difficult and the
easiest option might be to sell out and quit.

However, all you need is a little belief. Believe that no matter
what happens you gave it your best and you didn’t quit!

The odds may be against you but the one thing that no one can take
away from you is your belief. I believe in you but you need to start
believing in you!

Now, go out and “Run Your Race!”

To your success,
Coach Dave

Are you like a Lawn Mower?

My Lawn Mower

I just fininshed mowing my lawn and I said this a couple of weeks ago on my Facebook page but for me mowing the lawn is so therapeutic. Her is  a picture of my lawn mower and yard. As you can see I have quite a bit to mow, so it allows me to focus and think about what it is I want to accomplish in my lifetime.

My Yard

Now, my dad would laugh at me because when he was alive he owned his own commericial landscape business and they would consider my yard puny. They would do my lawn just for the fun of it!

Anyway, as I was mowing my yard I was thinking about an article I read last week in Dan Kennedy’s marketing newsletter. In the article he made reference to Walt Disney. He said, “Walt Disney had described most people as lawn mowers.” Interesting!  He goes on to say that Disney said, ” People start each week at one end of the same patch of grass and plod along, back and forth, back and forth, head down, until week’s end at the other side of the lawn, then next week is the same all over again. Wow, I started to think, man that is exactly what I had been doing for some time now.

You see, the week is going to end anyway, why not do something everyday that is different, creative, and interesting. Why not do something that is beneficial to to others as well as yourself. Make your days matter?

Ask yourself this, and I do this constantly, “If you had six months to live what would you want to do with the rest of your days here?”

Seriously, would you stay in a job that gives you no fulfillment or rewards?

Would you spend more time with family?

Would you call a friend you have spoken to in awhile?

Whatever it is, start mowing differently and choose to get everything out of life!

Now, summer is almost over and my days of mowing are coming to end. Anyone have any ideas as to how I am going to get my therapy?

Coach Dave

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