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How to Make Money as a Blogger in 3 Easy Steps

How to Make Money as a Blogger in 3 Easy Steps


You’ve heard of people turning their blogs into six-figure income centers. And you’ve heard of others who’ve started a blog, worked hard at it, and then eventually abandoned it because it didn’t make them a dime.


I’m sure you’d like to be in the former category rather than the latter.


You can increase your chances of doing so but following these three easy steps for making money as a blogger…


Step 1: Create quality content in a hot niche.


People aren’t interested in reading ads or “spun” articles that are nothing more than gibberish. They want solutions to their problems. And that means they need quality content. In other words, they want useful information that solves their problems.


Here’s the key, though: While the information you provide should be useful, it should also be incomplete.


That is, it shouldn’t completely solve your prospects’ problems. After all, if you completely solve your prospects’ problems, then they really have no need to buy what you’re selling.


One way to provide useful but incomplete solutions is by sharing articles that tell people what to do, but don’t go into detail about how to do it.


Example: A marketing blog might have the instruction “buy a good domain name at NameCheap.com,” but it doesn’t get into the details of what it means to buy a “good” domain name. Then the blogger can point to a short report that tells people how to build a website (which includes how to choose a good domain name).


Step 2: Monetize your blog.


You’re already providing useful content. Soon you’ll have plenty of readers eyeballing this content. So before you bring in the traffic, you need to find ways to monetize the traffic. Here are three ways:


  • Promote products and services. These could be your own products or affiliate products.


  • Sell advertising space.


Example: You can sell a rotating banner ad on the home page of your blog. You can even sell plain text links.


  • Get people on your list. Instead of focusing on getting people to buy products or click on ads, you can focus on getting them on your list. Then you can build a relationship with them, which makes it easier for you to sell products on the backend.


Step 3: Drive traffic to your blog.


Your blog is ready to make some money – now you just need traffic! Here are three ways to get traffic:


  • Start a Facebook Fan Page.


  • Get JV (joint venture partners). Then co-promote each other on your blogs, such as by guest blogging.



There’s not enough room in this article to share with you all the tips you need to know to make a killing with your blog. That’s why you need the 31 Day Guide to Making Money as a Blogger. Get your copy at www.davemcgarry.com/cms/bloggingforprofits.com 

Top 10 Tips for Selling Items at Your Blog

Top 10 Tips for Selling Items at Your Blog

Last week I launched my latest book “Blogging for Profits” and wrote a post on “3 ways to make money as a blogger.” So,  have you started making money with your blog yet? If so, would you like to make more?

Then read on to discover 10 tips for selling more products, affiliate offers and other items on your blog…

  1. 1.   Create clever post titles. People don’t come to your blog to read advertisements. Instead, they come to read good content. And their first clue as to whether the content is good is based solely on the titles of your blog posts. That’s why you need to create interesting, benefit-driven post titles.

Example #1: Here’s an example of a ho-hum title: “Dog Training Tips”

Example #2: Now here’s an example of a title that will get people reading your posts: “10 Surefire Dog Training Tips That Will Have You Firing Your Dog Trainer!”

  1. 2.   Optimize your content for the search engines. Your blog won’t put a dime in your pocket if no one reads your content and sees your ads. That’s why you should seek to optimize your content to pull in traffic from the search engines. You do this by finding out what keywords your market is already searching for in Google, and then including these keywords in your articles two or three times per 100 words of text.
  1. 3.   Weave product recommendations into your content. Your ads shouldn’t be confined to your blog’s sidebar – you can also put them directly into your content.
  1. 4.   Post regularly, such as twice per week. Doing so makes your blog “sticky.” It also gives your readers a reason to keep coming back and again and again, which gives you another chance to sell them something.
  1. 5.   Create regular weekly features. This is another way to get your visitors to return on a regular basis.

Example: You can create a feature called “Friday’s Super Tip,” where you post your very best niche-related tip every week.

  1. 6.   Make use of your blog sidebar. You can post text ads, banner ads and other graphics, links to your best blog posts and a newsletter subscription form in your sidebar.
  1. 7.   Rotate products on your blog. Doing so keeps your blog fresh. But it also gives you a chance to track and test your offers to see which ones put the most money in your pocket
  1. 8.   Use pictures. You can post relevant pictures in your articles as well as your sidebar, which will work to draw people’s eyes to your content and ads. You can get these photos for as little as $1 each at stock photo sites.
  1. 9.   Encourage people to subscribe to your RSS feed. People who are subscribed are more likely to become a regular reader of your blog.

Don’t just rely on people subscribing to your RSS feed, however…

  1. 10.   Get people on your newsletter list. One way to do this is to password-protect some of your best posts, and then offer access to these posts only to those who’ve subscribed to your newsletter list.

These tips are just scraping the surface when it comes to making money with your blog. If you want to make real money with your blog, then you need an in-depth guide that shows you exactly how to set up a blog, create content for it and make money with it. You can get this guide by going to: www.davemcgarry.com/cms/bloggingforprofits.

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Knowing your Break Even will Help You Make A Profit

Yesterday, I wrote a post entitled ” Are You Making This Mistake in Your Small Business” and I revealed to you a shameful mistake that I made and pointed out that I believe many small business owners do as well. Today, I want to talk to you about the main reason we do business. First of all, let me ask you a question, “Why are you in Business?” Now, I assume your answer is to make money or a make a profit. With that being said let me ask you another question and that is do you know how many units or services you need to sell to Break Even and eventually make a profit? If we agree that we are in business to make a profit then it is equally or even more important to know when the business will become profitable.

Let me tell you finding this number out for me and with my business has been the best thing that could have happened to me. Like I said in yesterday’s post they teach you this the first day in business school but I, like most of us, just pushed ahead because we are ambitious to make things happen and start our business. This is a mistake though because not knowing when the business is going to be profitable leads to the business failing. Knowing when you become profitable allows you to plan how much cash you will need to have on hand to stay afloat until the business can generate positive cash flow.

Going through this with my business has been a life saver. I know now exactly when I will start making money and can plan sales and lead conversion goals around the number of sales I need to make to be profitable. Before I just started each day doing random things that needed to get done and did not have a planned approach on how many sales calls and lead conversions I would need to make my monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.

So how do you calcualte your Break Even point?

First, you need to figure out all your Fixed Costs (FC). These include line items such as, rent, marketing, salaries, utilities, operating costs, etc… These items are consistent month in and month out.

Next, you need to figure out your variable costs (materials). Typically this will be the cost of selling each product or the cost to produce.

Then you need to take the price of your product or the average selling price of all your products if you sell more then one and make an assumption of how many sales you can make in a time period. For this exercise let’s say a year.
Now multiply the total number of units times the price of the product to get the total sales.

Below you will see the equation

Total sales(TS) -(VC)=Gross Income

Then take your gross income and divide that by Total sales to get your gross margins

To find your Break Even point you then do the following step:
(FC)/Gross Margin

Here is an example:
FC 5422
VC 200
Product Price 19.95

Units sold 100

Total Sales 1995

Gross Income 1795

Gross Margin 90%

Break Even Sales 6026.95

BE Transactions 302

In this example you can see that my fixed costs are $5422 and variable costs are $200 (you base the VC on # of units sold so for this example I used 100 units and each unit costs me $2 to sell)

Then do all the other calculations and you get to the following result.
I need to sell 302 units at the current price to get a total sales of $6026.95. Once I hit that level everything else is going to be profit.

So, can you see how helpful it is to know your Break Even point. Listen, if you ever want financing or investors that is one of the first things that they are going to ask for.

Go figure yours out now and if you need help you can contact me.

Stay tuned for the next post where we talk about your “Score Card!”

To Your Success,

Coach Dave