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How to Start a Successful Internet Business in 7 Steps

It is rare to find someone that you can trust these days when it comes to the latest Internet Marketing product out there but without a doubt Jimmy D Brown is the person who I have invested in time and time again to help me with my online ventures and today’s post is an article he has written that I believe can get you started building an online business today. I hope you enjoy this article on “How to Start a Successful Internet Business in 7 Steps!”


It’s exciting to think about how much money you can make online.

But if you’re new to online marketing, it can also be overwhelming
to try to figure out which business model is right for you.

The solution? Keep it simple.

Just follow these seven surefire steps to online profits…

Step 1: Choose a Market

But don’t just choose any market – instead, choose a HUNGRY market.
That means you’re looking for a market that is actively seeking
paid solutions to their problems.

Here’s how:

o Search marketplaces like Amazon.com and Clickbank.com to see what
types of niches attract eager, proven buyers.

o Use a keyword tool like WordTracker.com or the free Google
Keyword Tool to find out what people are searching for. You can
enter your proposed niche keywords (like “dog training”) to see if
there is a demand, or enter a broad keyword (like “secrets” or “how
to”) to uncover new niches.

o Go to EzineArticles.com and browse the top articles to see which
niches are popular.

Step 2: Get Your Tools In Place

Once you find a niche that spends money, your next step is to
gather your tools. These include:

o A domain name, which you can get at NameCheap.com.
o Hosting, which you can secure at HostGator.com.
o An autoresponder, which you can purchase through Aweber.com.

Step 3: Select an Offer to Promote

Next, you need to find an affiliate offer that you can promote to
your hungry niche. The best way to do that is to find out what
they’re already buying… and choose a similar offer.

Simply go to Clickbank.com and browse the relevant niche category.
Those products appearing at the top of the catalog are your best
sellers – you should choose a product near the top of the list.

Just be sure to buy, read and use the product to ensure that it is,
indeed, a good product.

Step 4: Write and Upload a Mini eCourse

Your next step is to create an autoresponder series around the
topic of your product so that you can promote your offer. Your
autoresponder series should be at least 7-12 messages long.

For example:

You’re selling a copywriting product. You can create a seven-part
ecourse on how to write a sales letter. Then promote the
copywriting product in every message.

You’re selling a diet recipe book. You can create a 10-part weight
loss course that pitches the recipe book in every message.

You’re selling a dog training video. You can create a seven part
course that teaches the basic obedience lessons such as sit, down
and stay. In every message you refer your prospects to the paid
video for more information.

Here’s the key: Do NOT solve your prospect’s problems 100%. You
want to provide useful but incomplete information, so that your
prospects need to purchase your affiliate offer in order to fully
solve their problems.

Step 5: Create a Squeeze page

Next, you need to persuade your prospects to subscribe to your
ecourse. You do this by creating a mini sales page (AKA squeeze
page). This page should include:

o A headline that touts your course’s major benefit (e.g., “FREE:
How to housetrain your puppy in just three easy steps!”).

o A list of the other benefits of your course (e.g., “You’ll
discover the secrets of turning an unruly, rambunctious puppy into
a perfect houseguest!”).

o And a call to action (e.g., “Just enter your name and email
address in the form below now, click join and you’ll get instant
access to this eye-opening report!”).

You may also provide proof of your claims, such as testimonials,
videos, screenshots, pictures and similar evidence.

Step 6: Drive Traffic to the Squeeze Page

Next, you need to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page so
that you can quickly build your list. You can do this by:

o Starting a blog and posting articles that are optimized for the
search engines.

o Trading links with other high traffic sites in your niche.

o Being a guest blogger on other peoples’ blogs.

o Co-promoting with other marketers in your niche (e.g., endorsing
each other in your newsletters).

o Submitting articles to EzineArticles.com and other article

o Using social media sites like Squidoo.com, Yahoo! Answers, and

o Participating on niche forums on in niche blog discussions.

Step 7: Add Messages to Your Autoresponder Series

Once you’re getting traffic, building your list and making a
profit, you can start adding even more messages to your
autoresponder – anywhere from a couple month’s worth of messages to
a year or more.

That way you’ll make money virtually on autopilot – all you have to
do is build your list and let your autoresponder do all the work!


Making money online doesn’t have to be complicated, not when you
follow these seven easy steps!

Jimmy D. Brown is the publisher of IMvestments: How To IMvest in Internet Marketing for a Great ROI, a comprehensive course teaching 7 ways to buy internet marketing related assets and quickly realize significant profitable yields from them. Details at http://imstitute.com/go.php?offer=texasdmcg&pid=30

3 Website Traffic Methods that you can Bank On

Hello everyone,

I don’t have much time today because it is 80 degrees here in Texas and I know 80 degrees means 100 is not too far away. That being said, I will get to the point so I can get outside and enjoy the weather!

Over the last several posts I have been promoting some options for you to get a membership site up and running. I believe whether you are a small business or mid size business, having a paid membership site is a great way to add a passive income stream to your business.

Today, however, I want to talk to you about traffic. Yes, web traffic to your site. Unfortunately, if you build it, they will not just come. You have to have a strategy and plan to get web traffic.

I know you have pobably heard of SEO (search engine optimization) and if not SEO is a way to rank high in the search engines. For most of us SEO is not a great strategy to get traffic. SEO can be costly and timely. Also, as you may have heard in the news recently Google changed the way they rank content overnight. For some all their hard work is now down the drain. Now, I am not saying ignore it completely I am just saying you could spend hours on it and get little ROI (return on investment). So what can you do?

Here are three website traffic methods you can bank on that won’t break your bank:

1.) Buyandsellads.com – Buy ads on over 2,900 successful blogs! Just pick the site you want to advertise on, and within minutes your ad will be shown

2.) Stumbleupon.com – Another place you can buy cheap ads that will drive users who are looking for similar content directly to your site.

3.) Tubemogul.com – Create videos and submit them to over 30 video hosting sites at once. A video syndication account is free.

Bonus method

Facebook – I am sure I do not need to tell you how big Facebook is. Let me tell you, if you are not using FB to advertise your site then you are losing out. Facebook is a marketer’s best dream. FB allows you to dial right in to your target audience. For example, I use it to advertise my Working Mom Workouts membership site. I target women who are ages 32-45,  have kids ,with health and fitness as theie interest. And the best part is on go do this locally or go global with no extra cost. Tell me where else can you do that!!

So, once you have your site up and running go ahead and focus on the traffic methods I provided for you. If you have questions please feel free to contact me.

In health and welath,

Coach Dave

Something different in honor of Veterans Day!

Hello everyone. Typically, Thursday has been the day I present a “How To” for you to implement into your business. However, today I would like to do something different in honor of Veterans Day! No business today just a simple shout out to all Veterans!

Thank You for standing up and fighting for the freedoms we have. Without you, me writing this blog post would not be possible! I have the utmost respect and admiration for those that served and gave their lives and to those that past and present continue to protect us! You are real heroes!

Thank you once again!

Happy Veterans Day!

Coach Dave

Live Like You Are Dying

May is the worst month and best month of the year for me. Today, marks the 4 year anniversary of my father’s passing and tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing. If that isn’t enough, my brother and cousin passed away in the following weeks. So, you can see why the first part of May is not so good for me. My wife actually would like to lock me up and keep me quarantined until June, but I am not scared and I am pressing on.

Okay, so where does the good part come into play for me, you might ask? Actually, every year when I am reminded of my family members who are no longer with me  I get a sense of rejuvenation and a spirit of re-birth. I use their passing as a way to motivate me to do the things that I have said I want to accomplish before it is my time to leave.

I am just curious, how many of you say to yourself,  ” I will do that tomorrow or I will experience that next year because I am too busy.”  Let me tell you, don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow because tomorrow might never come. I spoke to my dad hours before he passed away from a heart attack and we were talking about how in a few months he was going to come out to see me in Texas! That day, sadly, never happened and it always sits hard knowing that we should have gotten him out sooner to see us.

I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. I want you to realize that we only have a certain amount of time on this planet to make a difference, and  if you have goals that you want to accomplish or have always wanted to start your own business, today is a great day to get started.

Now, with that being said, I want to make sure I am leading by example here. So, here is what I am going to stop putting off.  For the longest time now I have had a goal to start a membership site for my business ,and today I am going to start taking action by announcing to you that, How to Train and Grow Rich has officially been started. I am working on the specifics, but initially the site will be geared towards fitness professionals, personal trainers, and group exercise instructors, however, the site can help just about anybody who wants to learn how to create passive revenue streams and develop the lifestyle they want to live. Once  I have everything mapped out I will give an update ,but for now I wanted to take action and announce my intentions.

So, what can you do today that you have been putting off? Take action, because tomorrow may be too late. As for me, I will celebrate the lives of my family by striving to become  a better father, husband, and business coach. Also I will strive to live out each day to its fullest.

In memory of you Dad, Gramps, Kevin, and Sheila. I will always love you!

Coach Dave