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Daily Dose of Dave – Election Day

Daily Dose of Dave is brought to you by Dave Mcgarry who is an entrepreneur and passive income coach. Everyday Dave brings you a quick tip or something motivational to get you to take action to help you reach your goals and dreams of being a successful entrepreneur. Today is an amazing day as it is Election Day here in America. Find out why I love this day and why it does not matter who wins the election when it comes to your prosperity. Also, if you want to follow me you can at http://www.twitter.com/davemcgarry and http://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingadvisor.


Today is your Independence Day

I hope you had a fun and relaxing Fourth of July. I know for me it is a day that I cherish and look forward to every year. This was not always the case when I was younger. Back in my late teenage years and college days I did not really appreciate the freedom that we have in this country.

I know today there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty on what is going on in our country and government, but the fact still remains to be true that we have the freedom to choose and create a life of prosperity and wealth. The choice is up to you. You can stand up and embrace the freedom of choice or you can sit there and be miserable and make no progress towards your dreams.

If you are not where you want to be then change it. If you want more personal training clients then find a way to get more. Start a bootcamp. Go speak to local companies in your area and promote your business.If you want to make more money start a business. It could be an online or brick and mortar, but get started with something.

My final thoughts today on this wonderful holiday involves thinking about everyone who fought for the freedoms we have today. If you look back to the early days of the founding of our country the people fought hard for what they wanted and did not give up until they had their dreams realized. So, today I challenge you to create your financial independence and do something this upcoming week that will continue to push you towards reaching your goals and dreams.