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What Could Your Life Be Like 5 Years From Now?

I was inspired to write this post because today, June 29 th 2012 is the iPhone’s 5 year anniversary. Now I am not an early adopter so I did not get the iPhone when it first came out, and no I don’t wait in line for things either, but when I purchased my first iPhone I said to myself, “Where have you been all my life! ” I know, maybe a little extreme but I was just shocked at everything the iPhone can do and allows me to do in my business. So, what do you think the iPhone’s impact has been on ¬†the world in the last 5 years?

Happy 5 Year Anniversary iPhone

Some people will tell you it has revolutionized the world and made it smaller and more connected. Others might tell you it has made people less engaged in human interaction and more engaged in themselves and silly games. Regardless of where you stand the past five years of the existence of the iPhone has changed the world and changed Apple as a company. So what am I getting at here? Well, what I want to get across today is that your life can be dramatically different 5 years from now but for that to happen you need to make a choice.

If you want to change the current situation you are in then you have to make the decision today to do that. Although it may be the iPhone’s 5 year birthday the planning for that started over a decade ago. The choices you make and the actions you take today can dramatically change your life 5 years from now. I have said this before and I will say it again it has never been easier to start a business then it is today. Technology and the internet makes it easier than ever. I know a girl who builds Amazon affiliate sites and sells them to people. Her cost to this is her time and she works out of her house. The future is in your hands and if you are wanting to have your life in your hands consider starting an online business. I can’t express in words how thankful I am that I started my online business but it all started with me taking action one day.

So here is what you need to do right now. No, not tomorrow, right now.

1.) Make the decision to start your own business.

2.) Begin with the end in mind. What I mean by that is visualize where do you want to be in 5 years from now. Get specific about it. Don’t just say I want to have a successful business in 5 years, really nail down what it will look like such as, you will employ 10 people, gross $10,000 and have multiple products for sale. The more specific the better.

3.) Build a plan to get there.

4.) Take action everyday that gets you one step closer to your ultimate goal

5.) Never, ever quit!

That is all my friends and I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years brings to you!



Resale Rights With Six Streams Of Income (first 50 get DEEP discount)

Hey, coach Dave here!

Do you ever pull out your yearbook and stroll down memory lane? You know the drill – you take a look at pictures of what you used to look like. You remember certain things you did that still bring a smile to your face. Maybe you recall a few things that cause you to cringe.

I heard from one of my marketing mentors today and he talked about dusting off his 2001 internet marketing yearbook to take a look. Yes, that’s completely figurative – there wasn’t an actual publication. But, figuratively speaking he dusted it off and strolled down memory lane.

He saw my very first “resale rights” product – Ezine Ad Profits. Sold it for $9.97. It was one of the first such IM products available‚Ķcame with master resale rights. He sold a gazillion copies and recalled fond memories of those early days.

Fast forward to today and he was thinking about what life has been like during those ten years since. He had a “reunion” of sorts. And as he was thinking about it, he jotted down some notes about resale rights that he originally observed over a decade ago.

They are as fresh and relevant today as ever…

1. MASS appeal.

The best resale rights products have a MASS appeal. That is, they are wanted by a very large audience so you can really see a lot of sales with a minimal amount of effort in finding customers.

2. MULTIPLE streams.

Even back in 2001 he recognized that it’s important to get multiple orders from one set of resale rights content. The age old marketing mantra is this: “It’s easier to get an existing customer to buy more from you than it is to find new customers”.

3. MADE to go.

It’s gotta be easy to setup and start getting sales. Everything should be furnished: ready-made content, sales page, marketing materials, etc. It should be ready to get sales on the same day it is ordered.

Obviously these are in addition to “quality”. Rock solid content is absolutely required or all bets are off.

Over the years Jimmy D. Brown has tried to make sure his resale rights products live up to these criteria. That’s why they are some of the most popular items in all of Internet Marketing. Whenever there is a limit, they sell out fast. And people make favorable comments over and over and over – both privately to him and publicly online.

That said, he has now released one of his best resale rights offers ever.

He has made resale rights available to ALL SIX of his 31-Day Work From Home Guides!

You can sell them individually for $30 each (that’s what he sell them for) or bundle them together in a package for $97-$147 a set. He’s got salesletters ready to go for both options that you can begin using immediately. Plus there’s a huge marketing package full of presell content and ads.

You can read all about everything at:

WARNING: There is a DEEP discount for the first 50 who order, so go take a look now before the special pricing sells out. Once the first 50 are sold, the price WILL increase as it has on every other offer he’s made in the past.

This is a unique opportunity to get six different “in-demand” guides that you can sell and keep 100% of every order. These are “ready to go” and are extremely popular as the “work from home” marketplace continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

Take a look and get your license now at:

Best regards,
Coach Dave

A Minute with John Maxwell

I have been following John Maxwell for over a decade now and when it comes to leadership you will not find a better person to learn from than him. Recently, he has started what he is calling, ” A Minute with Maxwelll.” Each day John presents the word of the day and gives you a great insight into what that word means in just a minutes time. I have embedded today’s word for you here on my blog. The word is courage. Go listen and think about what he has to say and how you can implement his teachings into your life.

Make it a great day!
Coach Dave