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Motivational Tips and Success| Daily Dose of Dave – Laughter

Welcome to another edition of “Daily Dose of Dave” where Dave McGarry provides motivation tips to help you become a success in your business and life. Today the word is “laughter.” It is amazing how a little laughter in your life can change your mood and attitude about things. If you need to laugh a little today then this short video provides a little bit of humor for you! I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to follow me on FB http://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingadvisor or at the new blog http://www.thinksuccessdaily.com. Until tomorrow make it a great day!

Success and Motivational Tips

Darren’s Ketch-up Post: 02-11-11

Don’t miss a thing! Here’s is a little digest to help you ketch-up (catch-up that is) on the best-of-the-best shared, discussed and past along over the past couple of weeks…
Most Popular from:

Most popular from:
Darren Hardy Morning Motivation: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. LINK
Darren Hardy Morning Motivation:”When you know clearly what you want, you’ll wake up every morning excited about life.” -Mark Victor Hansen *Did you wake up EXCITED about your life today? LINK
Darren Hardy Don’t buy into the genie in a lamp, sit on your couch & wait to attract the checks in your mailbox, rub crystals, channel a 2000-year-old guru, chant affirmations, ad nauseam “secret” to success. That is hocus-pocus commercialism appealing to your weaknesses, particularly laziness, entitlement, something-for-nothing & lottery mentality. That’s not the way it works. Here is what it takes to be successful: HARD WORK. LINK
Darren Hardy What you give your attention to becomes the reality of your world. Give your attention to scandals, murders, war, fear & brutality & that will program your creative computer & your world around you. Instead, focus your attention on ideas, information & knowledge that can help you grow, prosper, create & contribute to making a positive difference. Turn OFF the rest… it will change your world & your life! LINK
Darren Hardy There is nothing more damaging to your future potential than spending your present dwelling on the past. Whatever has happened is over. Glory or defeat, once the clock struck midnight, the day was done. You are reborn each morning & who you are each day is defined by what you do that day & that day only. You are not your past. You are only your present & your present actions will determine your future. LINK
Darren Hardy Morning Motivation: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar *Who will you help today? LINK
Darren Hardy I asked Richard Branson if he felt luck played a part in his success. He said, “Yes, of course, we are all lucky. If you live in a free society, you are lucky. Luck surrounds us every day; we are constantly having lucky things happen to us, whether you recognize it or not. I have not been any more lucky or unlucky than anyone else. The difference is when luck came my way, I took advantage of it.” Do you? LINK
Darren Hardy Morning Motivation: “Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.” -Peter Marshall *What will you make happen today? LINK

Most popular from:

@DARRENHARDY: This guy that really raised my marketing game. You should ake advantage of him too: http://budurl.com/57sp
@DARRENHARDY: Behind scenes prep for @PeterGuber interview: http://yfrog.com/h2m23rqj
@DARRENHARDY: THE BEST Social Media training I have seen (I’ve seen A LOT!).Latest strategies, tips & ideas compressed into 90min: www.bootcampforceos.com
@DARRENHARDY: Don’t fall for these common trip-ups with your New Year’s resolutions & goals: http://budurl.com/pfms
@DARRENHARDY: SELLING doesn’t work. Learn what does: http://budurl.com/xqsg
@DARRENHARDY: Got BHAG? My personal 8 steps for achieving your goals #2011: http://budurl.com/nm8h
@DARRENHARDY: Friends don’t let friends do stupid things. RT your friends this link (seriously): http://budurl.com/mvzv
@DARRENHARDY: Are you getting in the way of your success? Learn strategies to defeat the 9 Self-Sabotaging Behaviors of Sales: http://budurl.com/mt7b

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Every comment shared on this blog, facebook or twitter is cherished – thank you. We picked out a batch that are particularly heart warming. This gives me a great opportunity to organize your glowing comments for all the people who work so hard on SUCCESS and supporting my efforts. Thank YOU again.
@Mojovator Excited about listening to #TheCompoundEffect by @DarrenHardy that just arrived today!!!
@PetraRolander Lstening to The Compound Effect & work on my goals for this year. Power & Results! Thank you!
@AnneDovel Just finished listening to Success Summaries CD. Should have gone to bed, but couldn’t shut it off!
@ControlTemp Listened to the @successmagazine CD twice this weekend. Great selling tips. Keep up the good work.
@lisakoehler kevin hall was AMAZING on the #success audio! Left me w goosebumps and ready to shout ollin!!!!
@MSoregaroli Great article in Jan 2011 #SuccessMagazine on 8 #Resolutions. I read ur mag every month & recommend to clients too.
@jonathanbowen Reading Compound Effect. Incredible. Section on Big Mo changed my life! I’m a steam locomotive!
@Q6Coaching just received my first copy of Success mag. Fantastic! Perfect! Just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks
@lorbaba Best quote fr Compound Effect “Learn less, but study more” The path to mastery. Needed this book yrs ago!
@angiepillars Listening to The Compound Effect while I work at the computer. Great stuff! Highly recommend it!
@letiyy My husband LOVES The Compound Effect. He’s inspired me to read it!
@RobertOlivan My wife is listening 2 Compound Effect! I’m excited for her! Taking step 2 improve her life! Thx a million!