Do you have a plan for 2011

I have a simple question for you today and that is. “Do you have a plan for 2011?” I am referring to a specific, detailed, goal approach to having a better year personally and professionally in 2011. I know what you are saying, “I have my goals for next year up here in my head.” Sorry, that does not work. If you really want to have a great year in 2011 you need to take some time over the next couple of days and reflect on what you accomplished this past year and what you want to accomplish next year.

Every year I use a technique that I learned from the great Jim Rohn. What I do is, I take all my journals and goals that I have written down and review them. I ask myself the following questions:

Why do I write that down as a goal?
Did I accomplish it? If not, why not?
What areas of my personal life do I want to work on?
What areas of my business career do I want to grow?
What are my income goals for the next year? 3 years? 5 years?
How do I become more?
What people do I need to meet and network with to achieve my goals?

Those are my top 7 questions that I ask myself before I begin to set up my plan for the next year. And yes, I write it down!

So, take the next couple of days before the holidays and reflect on what this past year has been like and set up your 2011 plan.

I will be sharing with you my 2011 predictions and my plan real soon, so come back to see the big things I have planned.

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Dave McGarry

I am an entrepreneur who has a passion for creating sustainable businesses through the internet and helping local businesses grow their businesses through marketing strategies. Receiving an MBA got me started but the real business experience has come from me creating my own online success. If you are looking to grow your business and create the financial prosperity that you dream of then can join me on the journey.

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