Happy New Year

I know you must think I am crazy if I think it is the New Year but hear me out before you pass judgement! Since I can remember Labor Day always seemed to spark a new sense of commitment and energy with me and around me. Maybe I have felt this way for a long time because of my love for football. Or maybe it is because my wedding anniversary is usually on Labor Day Na, it has to be more than that and I believe that it is, but first let me just take a few moments and share with you what I experienced this past Labor Day!

Over the weekend I had the privilege of going back stage to meet the College Game Day. They were in town at Cowboys Stadium for the LSU vs. Oregon game. Oh, and I have to mention guys, I got to hang out with Erin Andrews!

Let me tell you it was an experience I will always remember! Everyone was so cool and friendly to us, and believe it or not, not a single LSU fan said anything to me about being decked out in my Gator gear!

So, how does this have anything to do with a new sense of energy and commitment. Well, if we look at the calendar we have roughly 16 weeks till the end of the year. For many of us  summer is all about sitting around, swimming in the pool, and pretty much being lazy all day!

Then, Labor Day comes around and school is back in session and people start to realize that they have either done nothing to reach their goals for the past 9 months or the summer wiped out all the hard work.

Suddenly, there is a new sense of urgency to do something. Plus, how can you not get excited and pumped up about the fall season. Even if your not a football fan, Fall brings about change and makes people feel good.

With that being said what should you do about this new sense of energy and commitment? If you haven’t figured it out yet I want you to take action. The first thing  you need to do is implement a 90 day plan. Go here to read how you can set up a plan of attack to reach your goals in 90 days!

In health,

Coach Dave

Dave McGarry

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