Get the Loser out of You!

I just got back from having one of the best workouts I have had in a really long time. I guess you can say I have been living in a comfort zone for some time now. Three weeks ago that all changed and now I left to set my own course in the next stage of my life. For those of you who have been through a serious change in your life you know how some days are great and others you are left to wonder will things be different, be better, and will I make it. It is human to go through these thoughts and emotions, but it is times like these we see our true abilities.

Okay, so you might be asking why was my workout so great. Fair question. Lately, I have been reading and studying Robert Kiyosaki. In his book “Conspiracy of the Rich” he talks about a time when he was getting ready to go fight in Vietnam and he was introduce to his Captain. Captain Denny was a decorated vet for his bravery in Vietnam. Now, before I lose you here and you start wondering what does this have to do with my great workout you need to read this story of how Robert talks about getting the loser out of you. Yes, he might be referring to money but the lesson can be applied to any part of your life. While I was running today I did not quit until I got the “Loser out of Me!”

You are going to have to register to read it but trust me it will be worth it. Once you register the story is the online exclusive story #3

Coach Dave

Dave McGarry

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