If You Want More Sales Create More Credibility

One of the most critical aspects to getting more personal training clients and more sales with either your products or services is to build credibility with your prospects and clients.

CREDIBILITY – Some people might say it is the most important characteristic for a personal trainer to have and establish. Because of all the infomercials and the get fit fast scams, the fitness industry lacks credibility. That’s why it is essential from the second you meet a prospect to establish credibility with them. You must no longer look as yourself as just a trainer or sales person, but also as a consultant. You see, people view consultants as problem solvers and experts.

Action Item – Ask yourself this question: “In the eyes of the prospect, what have I done to establish credibility?”

Now, there are many ways to do this and especially with the explosion of social media and technology but there is no better way to help with credibility then to have other people build it for you. Check out this article that was published in the Orlando Sentinel, which sites a publication from the Harvard Medical School saying that, ” A personal trainer can be a great investment.” This is a great article to tweet to your followers or hand out to prospects to help build that credibility.

Coach Dave

Dave McGarry

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