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3 Simple Ways to Profit From Your Blog

If you have a blog and want to make some money and profit with it then here is 3 simple ways to profit from your blog!

Establish Yourself as an Expert

I am sure you have heard that by writing a book you almost instantly position yourself as an expert. Well, the same is true with a blog because no matter what you’re selling or what business your business model is, a blog can help you achieve more because it helps establish you as an expert.

As I mentioned earlier whereas people use to publish books to showcase their expertise, now most anyone can publish a blog. And once that blog becomes popular, the blogger’s status is further elevated in the niche.

And that is NOT all.

The more good content you pst, the more your readers start to trust you…and that indirectly leads to more sales.

Plus if you allow your readers to interact with you(by allowing comments), that further strengthens your bond with them. End result? A more profitable blog.

Get Publicity Opportunities

Some people use blogs to raise their status in a niche. And some people use this elevated status as a springboard to more opportunities, such as free publicity and book deals.

Example: The big book publishers like to see when one of their newly signed authors has a platform. By platform I mean a waiting audience. A blog is one such platform. If you build a popular blog and then go after a book deal, you can bet the publishers will take note.

 Promote Affiliate Offers

The third and final way to make money from your blog is to promote affiliate offers. What do I mean by affiliate offers. Well, there are lots of products being sold online and people who own those products are willing to pay a commission to you if you sell it to your faithful followers. One of the biggest affiliates out there is Amazon. Back in the early days that is how Amazon built a huge business by having other people sell the product on their site or to their list of followers while paying a small commission on each sale.

So how do you go about finding and promoting an affiliate product?

Complete these steps to get started:

  1. Choose a hungry niche
  2. Select a profitable, in demand product to sell to that niche.
  3. Set up a blog and start creating content that caters to the niche.
  4. Promote your affiliate product on your blog (sometimes even directly in your posts) and start making money.
  5. Drive targeted, cash in hand prospects to your blog…and cash in!

**One mistake to not make and that is do not promote crap…meaning make sure you believe in the product and use it yourself! Surefire way to lose credibility!**

Those are just three simple ways to to profit from your blog. If you would like to learn more you can check out my “31 Day Guide to Blogging for Profits.


The Revolution has begun

Has the Health Care revolution begun? I believe it has and my basis for this belief comes from reading the book “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell.  The other reason comes from  my trip last month to the IHRSA convention when I had the chance to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak. In his presentation what really stood out to me was when he talked about what factors are involved in starting a revolution and how one event or idea can change everything, hence the ‘Tipping Point’. He asked the audience what causes revolutions?  Is it money? Political capital? Military strength? And then he answered the question by telling the story of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. What most people don’t realize is that the collapse of the Berlin Wall started by one event. That one event occurred a month before the wall fell and it happened in a small town in East Germany.  Essentially, what happened was a group of protestors gathered in a town to protest and instead of the police breaking it up they allowed the protest to continue. Well, word got around and people in the town heard about the protest and decided, well if the police did not stop them from protesting let’s go ahead and have our own protest. This continued day after day until millions of people in East Germany gathered  protesting and without any military push back  they began to tear down the wall. As Malcolm goes on to speak and states, “the revolution began all becuase one day the town police decided not to stop the protesting of the people of this small town and with that, other towns followed suite. Before you knew it, a month later, millions of people gathered to tear down the wall.”

Okay, so what is my point here and what exactly do I mean by the Health Care Revolution has begun? Well, in my opinion the Health Care revolution has begun because people are going to be forced to become healthy. Yes, I mean forced because  the additional 30 million people to the system with out the infrastructure will cause rationing. There is no argument to be made it will happen. If you get sick you will have to wait longer to see a doctor and the only way to avoid having to wait is to make sure you don’t get sick. This is where those of us in the fitness industry should rejoice. Health club memberships should increase and more people will seek our help, so that they do not get sick.

The lesson to take away today is that instead of sitting around waiting to see what happens to Health Care in this country be the first person out there to say, “hey I can help you stay healthy and free from illness” Find ways to benefit from this massive government intrusion into health care. Remember, there are always two ways to look at a problem. One, you can complain and do nothing or the second way, take the opposite approach and find a way to solve it and benefit from it.

Coach Dave