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3 Simple Ways to Profit From Your Blog

If you have a blog and want to make some money and profit with it then here is 3 simple ways to profit from your blog!

Establish Yourself as an Expert

I am sure you have heard that by writing a book you almost instantly position yourself as an expert. Well, the same is true with a blog because no matter what you’re selling or what business your business model is, a blog can help you achieve more because it helps establish you as an expert.

As I mentioned earlier whereas people use to publish books to showcase their expertise, now most anyone can publish a blog. And once that blog becomes popular, the blogger’s status is further elevated in the niche.

And that is NOT all.

The more good content you pst, the more your readers start to trust you…and that indirectly leads to more sales.

Plus if you allow your readers to interact with you(by allowing comments), that further strengthens your bond with them. End result? A more profitable blog.

Get Publicity Opportunities

Some people use blogs to raise their status in a niche. And some people use this elevated status as a springboard to more opportunities, such as free publicity and book deals.

Example: The big book publishers like to see when one of their newly signed authors has a platform. By platform I mean a waiting audience. A blog is one such platform. If you build a popular blog and then go after a book deal, you can bet the publishers will take note.

 Promote Affiliate Offers

The third and final way to make money from your blog is to promote affiliate offers. What do I mean by affiliate offers. Well, there are lots of products being sold online and people who own those products are willing to pay a commission to you if you sell it to your faithful followers. One of the biggest affiliates out there is Amazon. Back in the early days that is how Amazon built a huge business by having other people sell the product on their site or to their list of followers while paying a small commission on each sale.

So how do you go about finding and promoting an affiliate product?

Complete these steps to get started:

  1. Choose a hungry niche
  2. Select a profitable, in demand product to sell to that niche.
  3. Set up a blog and start creating content that caters to the niche.
  4. Promote your affiliate product on your blog (sometimes even directly in your posts) and start making money.
  5. Drive targeted, cash in hand prospects to your blog…and cash in!

**One mistake to not make and that is do not promote crap…meaning make sure you believe in the product and use it yourself! Surefire way to lose credibility!**

Those are just three simple ways to to profit from your blog. If you would like to learn more you can check out my “31 Day Guide to Blogging for Profits.


How to get clients knocking down your door

The question I get asked all the time is, “Dave, how do I get more personal training clients?” The answer is simple but few do it. Over the next several posts I am going to give you seven steps to implement to get clients knocking down your door. Today, I am going to show you one of the single best ways to attract cients.

Step 1 – Become a published author

Yes, you heard me correct. If you want to be known in this industry and get people flocking to you then you need to position yourself as an expert.

Now more than ever it is easier for the average person like you and me to have a voice and establish ourselves as an expert. No longer do you need a publishing house or major editor to accept your manuscript and publish your work. Technology has changed all of that. For instance, I wrote “Anatomy of Sales” and self-published it. This has allowed me to position myself as an exert when it comes to the business side of the fitness industry.

“But Dave, there are hundred of articles and books out there on fitness” is what you are saying right now. You are correct, but that should not stop you for coming up with a topic and writing about it. You are not trying to be a best selling author. What you are doing is creating a perception to the public that you are the expert in a particular filed or subject. Just the mere fact of having an article published in a major newspaper or magazine gives you more credibility, which takes away one of the barriers clients have when finding a personal trainer.

So, how do you get started writing a book? Well, that is another post but if you are interested in learning more and want my help then I can coach you through it. if you want to do it yourself then go to Amazon’s website Create Space and they have step by step tutorials on how to get published and use their network to sell your book.

If you seriously want to have clients knocking down your door then become an expert and start writing for newspapers, industry trade journals, and even your own book.

P.S. The second step to getting more personal training clients, is one that the fear of doing ranks as high as the fear of dying! You won’t want to miss this one!

Coach Dave